Paisa Perspective: Laura Echavarria – Fashion Blogger

Laura Echavarria

I first met the talented Laura Echavarria of when the mayor’s wife, Claudia Márquez Cadavid, brought Medellín’s top bloggers and digital influencers together to meet and collaborate last year.

After the meeting, I looked Laura’s blog up and was excited to see she publishes in both Spanish and English, therefore making her stories and advice easily accessible.

She also travels internationally, sharing photos and experiences from as far away as Mexico and Turkey. Follow her on Instagram.

The inspiration for Fashionlessons

I started 7 years ago, I came back from living 4 years in Barcelona where I studied Fashion Design. There, I met a woman named Diane Pernet who was one of the first to have a blog on fashion and so she inspired me to do it.

It was also an excuse to build up a writing portfolio because I want to write for newspapers and magazines.

Fashionlessons is a place where you can find anything cultural related to fashion.

Thoughts on why blogging isn’t as popular in Colombia as other countries

I really don’t know, I guess it is becoming popular right now, we get things here later than in the rest of the world.

Favorite Colombian designer

Johanna Ortiz is my favorite, she is fresh and cool, but she is really stuck to a Colombian identity, and she is also really “affordable.”

You can buy her things at her store in Bogotá or at Moda Operandi, one of the coolest fashion e-commerce shops.

Colombiamoda (Fashion Week)

I think it’s really important, and it’s getting stronger with the years. We have more new designers each year that export our design identity and creativity.

In Latin America, I would say it is the most important fashion event, and press from all over the world comes.

I still think we have to improve quality in some aspects but in general it’s a pretty cool and creative event, not to mention it moves millions of dollars.

Bogotá vs. Medellín

I think Bogotá is more open, and people there have more identity. Also, it’s the capital city, so they get all the big brands and also all the people coming to live there from all over the world influences the citizens of Bogotá. So I think in some way they get more styles.

Medellín is still a small city and people here are still stuck to what other people may think, and they are afraid of exploring their style. That’s why maybe people in Bogotá have more style.

Trends for 2015

Norm core is still a big trend, trying too hard to look like you wore the first thing in your closet. Also botanical flowers, prints in all its ways and fringes are a must.

Laura Echavarria

Where can a guy/gal get some fashion help?

I can help you renew your wardrobe and to build your own personal style, that’s the most important thing! Being true to yourself and being unique!


I love the kindness of the people, I love the food and green everywhere. I think we can improve by expanding the offer in everything, from cultural to food places.

Shopping (aside from Vía Primavera/Provenza)

It’s sad to say, but I can’t think about any other place. Online shopping is a really good idea.

Coffee time

Velvet or Pergamino.

In search of culture

El MAMM is for me the best place for art here; the place is beautiful, and they are in expansion right now.

Favorite city escape

Rionegro, I use to go there for the weekends and have a nice dose of fresh air.


Photos by Mateo Garcia @teograph

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  1. I love fashion. I think if there was one trendy place I’ve always wanted to visit, it would be Colombia. What an honor to meet Laura Echavarria.

  2. Great article Laura! I am currently in Medellin for a few months working on my own Eco Fashion Platform, Florum Fashion Magazine. I am more then happy to see someone covering fashion and mentioning bloggers, as I have not yet seen many.

    I would love to hear more about Colombian brands that you love, I have only discovered a few so far however the few I discovered I was pleasantly surprised with.