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Popular Neighborhoods for Expats Living in Medellín

We look at preliminary survey results to see which are the most popular neighborhoods in Medellín for expats living in the city and if they rent or buy.

El Dorado Spanish School: Spanish Classes Designed for You

El Dorado Spanish School is located in Envigado and was founded three years ago by a Colombian-Polish couple, Robinson and Ewa.

The Best Medellín Neighborhoods (2016 Update)

Jeff updates a popular post looking at the best Medellín neighborhoods for foreigners, including El Poblado, Envigado, Laureles, Belén and Sabaneta.

Lucio Carbon y Vino: a Good Steakhouse in Envigado

Jeff takes us to Lucio Carbon y Vino, an Argentina steakhouse in Envigado, which is a cozy restaurant popular with locals and expats.

Contenedores Food Place in Envigado

Jeff takes us to Contenedores, which is a unique dining place in Envigado with good Argentinian, Mexican, Italian, Sushi and Gourmet Burger restaurants.

Iglesia de Santa Gertrudis and Parque Envigado

Continuing our tour of the notable churches in Medellín, we look at Iglesia de Santa Gertrudis in Envigado, which is located next to Parque Envigado.

Lemoncillo: Vietnamese Food Arrives in Envigado

Opened in December 2014 by a Laotian chef, Lemoncillo is a Vietnamese restaurant in Envigado offering authentic food at a reasonable price.

Prana: Healthy Vegetarian Food in Envigado

Prana is a vegetarian restaurant in Envigado serving delicious food with an emphasis on healthy ingredients.

Shopping at City Plaza, Envigado’s Modern Mall

City Plaza is the only modern mall in Envigado, which is surprising as Envigado has a bigger population than El Poblado.

Pizzería Olivia: An Upscale Pizza Experience in Envigado

Pizzeria Olivia, with locations in Envigado, Poblado and Laureles, offers a fine dining experience, excellent pizza, strong sangria, and delicious desserts.