Contenedores Food Place in Envigado

Contenedores Food Place in Envigado
Contenedores Food Place in Envigado

Contenedores Food Place in Envigado is a unique dining place that is currently the highest rated restaurant in Envigado found on TripAdvisor.

But Contenedores isn’t a single restaurant. It actually consists of giant shipping containers recycled to create multiple dining spaces open to the outdoors with several restaurants.

Contenedores’ architectural design is surrounded by greenery and each restaurant has its own separate area within one of the three levels.

There are several restaurants at Contenedores including:

  • Villero – Argentinian steakhouse
  • Chilaquiles – Mexican restaurant
  • Tano Argento – Italian restuarant
  • Chef Burger – Gourmet burgers
  • Mezzaluna – Salads and healthy food

Plus there is a Sushi Market, an ice cream place as well as Rocoleta, which is a bar.

I have been to Contenedores a few times with very good experiences at the restaurants. Contenedores also frequently has live music, particularly on weekends when it can become quite busy.

Inside the Villero restaurant at Contenedores
Inside the Villero restaurant at Contenedores

My Recent Experience at Contenedores

I was home alone with my wife at a late class and decided to head to Contenedores for dinner on a weekday instead of cooking or ordering something domicillio.

I hadn’t eaten yet at Villero, the Argentinian steakhouse at Contenedores, so I decided to try it out.

I decided on the Sterling cut which is essentially like a Colombian Filet Mignon, which cost 34,900 pesos ($11.68). It came with a choice of potato and I chose the baked potato. It also included the salad bar.

The steak was perfectly cooked medium as I requested and it tasted great. I was impressed with the quality.

My total for dinner including the steak, baked potato, and trip to the salad bar, plus a juice and tip was 45,500 pesos ($15.24).

The Sterling steak at Villero
The Sterling steak at Villero

The Menu at Villero

The menu at Villero primarily includes meats since it’s a steakhouse. The traditional cut steaks range in price from 33,900 pesos to 36,900 pesos.

Argentina cut steaks range in price from 28,900 pesos to 36,900 pesos.

There is also a combination dish with steak, ribs, and chicken for two people that costs 74,900 pesos.

They also have grilled salmon (33,900 pesos) and grilled chicken (29,800 pesos) on the menu.

The steaks and other meals come with your choice of potato side as well as a trip to the salad bar. The menu also has some appetizers and a few desserts.

The restaurant has a small selection of wines as well as your typical rum, whisky and aguardiente. The restaurant serves beers as well as natural juices and sodas.

Chef Burger’s cheese burger (photo by David Lee)
Chef Burger’s cheese burger (photo by Dave)

The Other Food Options at Contenedores

I have previously eaten at the Chef Burger and the Chilaquiles Mexican restaurants at Contenedores and had good experiences. Both of these restaurants were previously reviewed on this site.

Chef Burger is probably the most popular restaurant at Contenedores with its really good gourmet hamburgers. Due to its popularity Chef Burger now has five restaurants in the Medellín area.

Chef Burger has eight types of burgers that range in price from 11,900 pesos ($3.98) for a classic burger to 19,900 pesos ($6.67) for the Philadelphia burger.  The burger prices include fries.

One of the dishes at Chilaquiles (photo by Lisa)
One of the dishes at Chilaquiles (photo by Lisa)

Chilaquiles has traditional Mexican food. Tacos are amongst the cheapest items at just 16,000 pesos ($5.36) or choose a tasty burrito from 19,500 pesos ($6.54) and they have many other options.

And of course Chilaquiles has good margaritas and good Mexican sauces ranging from mild to very hot.

Besides the Contenedores location, Chilaquiles has another location in Medellín located in Patio Bonito.

I haven’t yet eaten at the other restaurants at Contenedores so unfortunately I can’t comment on them.

Art on one of the containers at Contenedores
Art on one of the containers

How to Get There

Contenedores Food Place is located in Envigado on Avenida Las Vegas (Carrera 48). It is conveniently located only three blocks from the Ayurá metro station, which is within easy walking distance.

Note that one of the blocks walking from the Ayurá metro stations is lonely at night with several closed commercial businesses so I wouldn’t recommend walking alone – only if you are in a group.

By taxi simply give the address of Carrera 48 # 26 Sur 87 in Envigado to the taxi driver.

Inside Contenedores
Inside Contenedores

The Bottom Line

I have friends living in Enviado that have been to Contenedores more often than I have and they have told me the other restaurants also have good food.

I plan to return to try the other restaurants at Contenedores as well as try other things on the menus at Villero and Chilaquiles.

The atmosphere of Contenedores is really nice. The shipping crates and string lights add a lot to the experience.

There’s a nice variety of restaurants to choose from and if you are in Envigado looking for a good place to eat for lunch or dinner Contenedores is recommended.

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