Pizza en Leña Opened Second Pizzeria in Sabaneta

Pizza en Leña opened second pizzeria
Pizza en Leña opened second pizzeria

Pizza en Leña opened its second pizzeria in Sabanta in May. This popular pizzeria chain is considered by locals in the area to have the best pizza in Sabaneta.

Pizza en Leña is a pizzeria that specializes in thin-crust pizza.  The pizza is cooked in a brick oven in both of its location.

We reviewed the first Pizza en Leña pizzeria in December last year.

Pizza en Leña is owned by a Dutch guy.  He bought the original pizzeria from another Dutch guy five years ago. The owner decided to expand to a second location as the first location is relatively small and it frequently was full.

Pizza en Leña opened second pizzeria
Cooking pizzas at the front oven of the new Pizza en Leña location

The new Pizza en Leña location is located next to popular Parque Sabaneta.  It has already started to attract a loyal customer base and it is particularly busy on the weekends. The new location is much larger than the first location and it has two floors.

The owner told me the new pizzeria, which is located only about four blocks from the first Pizza en Leña, is attracting a different customer base and the first pizzeria continues to be busy.

Amantes de la Carne pizza
Amantes de la Carne pizza

My Recent Experience at the New Pizza en Leña

I happened to be in Parque Sabaneta recently and decided to try out the new Pizza en Leña location. I have been to the original Pizza en Leña location several times for dinner with my Colombian wife.

I decided to have a medium Amantes de la Carne (meat lovers) pizza with Pepperoni, chicken, bacon, “special meat” and mushrooms.

The ingredients were fresh and the pizza was cooked perfectly and was very tasty with the thin crust. The pizza was cooked exactly the same as in the original Pizza en Leña location. Cost of the medium pizza was 23,500 pesos ($8.02).

Pizza en Leña has one of the best pizzas in the Medellín metropolitan area and it likely belongs in the list of the best pizzas in Medellín.

Half Hawaiian and half Pepperoni pizza
Half Hawaiian and half Pepperoni pizza – straight out of the oven

The menu at Pizza en Leña

The menu at the pizzeria primarily has pizzas of several types. Classic pizzas like the Pepperoni or Hawaiian cost 19,000 pesos for a medium and 26,500 pesos for a large pizza.

The menu has special pizzas including the Mexican, Vegetable and Chicken and Mushrooms pizzas.  These cost 20,500 pesos for a medium and 28,000 pesos for a large pizza.

The menu also has several deluxe pizzas including the Amantes de la Carne and Bacon pizzas that cost 23,500 pesos for a medium and 31,000 pesos for a large.

The menu also includes pita burgers ranging in price from 6,500 to 10,500 pesos. The restaurant also has several drinks including sodas, bottled water, beers and white and red wine.

Pizzas being cooked in the brick oven
Pizzas being cooked in the brick oven

Why Sabaneta?

Sabaneta is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Colombia. In 2015, Sabaneta had a population of about 50,000.

With all the apartment construction going on in Sabaneta, it is expected by the government that Sabaneta will grow to a population of about 100,000 by 2018.

Parque Sabaneta
Parque Sabaneta

How to Get There

The new Pizza en Leña location in Sabaneta is located right next to the popular Parque Sabaneta and Iglesia de Santa Ana. It is found in a food passageway to the right of the church.

The easiest way to get to Parque Sabaneta is to take the Medellín metro south to the Sabaneta station. The park is located a 10-minute walk east from the metro station.

There are also frequent buses that run from the Sabaneta metro station to Parque Sabaneta, which is near to where Pizza en Leña is located. The cost is only 1,800 pesos ($0.55).

You could also ask any taxi driver in Medellín to take you to “Parque Sabaneta.”  Just about every taxi driver will know where it is.

It is relatively safe to walk from the metro station to Parque Sabaneta.  There are many people on the streets during the day, or you can take the short bus ride.

The new Pizza en Leña location busy on a Saturday night
The new Pizza en Leña location busy on a Saturday night

The Bottom Line

Pizza en Leña has really good pizza that has become my favorite pizza I have found in the Medellín area.  So I’m not surprised to see that Pizza en Leña opened a second location.

If the new pizzeria location continues to be successful I wonder if this small pizza chain may expand outside of Sabaneta. I suspect this pizzeria would do well in other parts of the Medellín metro area including El Poblado and Envigado.

The bottom line is if you happen to be in Sabaneta and craving a good pizza, either of the two Pizza en Leña locations is recommended.

If you are in Medellín and looking for something to do today for July 4, it also happens to be the last day of Sabaneta’s Fiestas del Plátano, with varied cultural, concerts, food fairs and music during the day and night

With this event going on Parque Sabaneta has been the absolute busiest over the past week than I have seen over the past year I have lived in Sabaneta.

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