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The Best Places for Pizza Pies in Medellin (Plus What to...

There's nothing like a good food tour when you're out on a trip. That’s true whether you’re visiting Medellin or Madrid!  And, if you’re a...

Papa Johns Pizza Opens in Envigado

Papa Johns Pizza recently opened its third restaurant in the Medellín metro area located in Envigado. But other US-based chains are also expanding.

Join the Medellín Living March Meetup: Pizza at Parque Sabaneta

Regardless of your time in the city, I want to invite you to the Medellin Living March meetup for great pizza at arguably the best park in the city.

Pizza en Leña Opened Second Pizzeria in Sabaneta

The popular Pizza en Leña opened its second pizzeria in Sabaneta, serving thin crust pizza cooked in a brick oven considered the best in Sabaneta.

Pizza en Leña: The Best Pizza in Sabaneta

Jeff takes us south to Pizza en Leña, which serves thin crust pizza cooked in a brick oven and is considered the best pizza in Sabaneta.

Papa John’s Pizza Opens in Medellín

Papa John's Pizza opened its first restaurant in Medellín this week and Jeff takes us inside.

La Pizza de Alejo: Thin Crust Pizzas with Creative Toppings

Melissa takes you to her favorite pizza restaurant, La Pizza de Alejo, where you can find creative flavors and toppings to make for an unforgettable meal.

Pizzería Olivia: An Upscale Pizza Experience in Envigado

Pizzeria Olivia, with locations in Envigado, Poblado and Laureles, offers a fine dining experience, excellent pizza, strong sangria, and delicious desserts.

Pizzería Antica Italia: Authentic Thin Crust Pizza in Envigado

Antica Italia is a little, Italian-owned pizzeria serving up some of the best thin crust pizza in Envigado.

La Serenissima Venezia: Italian-Style Thin Crust Pizzas

Located across the street from El Cielo, La Serenissima Venezia opened its doors to thin crust pizza fans in late March 2014.