Top 10 events of the week of February 6th – February 14th in Medellín


Top 10 events of the week in Medellín

We have curated a list of the top 10 events happening every week in Medellin, so if you are in the City of Eternal Spring and you are looking for something fun to do, read below to plan your week ahead!

Top 10 events from February 6th – February 14th:

  1. Stacey Kent – concert

When: February 8.

Where: Teatro Metropolitano.

Anglo-American singer Stacey Kent will visit Medellín for the first time on Saturday, February 8, on the stage of the Metropolitan Theater. The renowned artist has been nominated for a Grammy and with her suggestive voice, has become a world reference in Jazz. A sensual voice, clear and fluid, with swing colors and jazz tones, Stacey Kent is above all a personality that emanates a touching sensibility and a striking melancholy.

The artist is currently touring Europe, last month she filled her concerts in London for 4 days … And they visited Sweden, Poland, China, Japan, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Spain, the United States and Portugal, before visiting Colombia.

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  1. Maria Pagés – Una oda al tiempo

When: Every Tuesday and Friday

Where: Naturalia Café.

Medellín Cultural and the Metropolitan Theater present the Great Bancolombia Stellar Event with the work “Una Ode al Tiempo” by María Pagés, it is a flamenco choreography about the ephemeral, permanence and eternity… With the accumulated professional and vital experience, and incorporating reflections Plato, Margaret Yourcenar, Jorge Luis Borges, John Cage, Octavio Paz, Heidegger, Marcel Duchamps; María Pagés reflects on the implacable irreversibility of time on the body, desire, art and life.

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  1. Free salsa dance class

When: Every Friday.

Where: Dancefree – Google Maps

Free salsa dance classes.

Opening 7:45 PM

Free Salsa Class * 8-9: 30PM

Live Group 10PM

Salsa Bar, Bachata & More 8 PM-4AM

* FREE if you enter before 9PM

* For all levels, from scratch to expert. You do not have to bring a partner, register, or make a reservation.

  1. Dance classes: Porro, tango, salsa,

When: Every Saturday.

Where: Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe.

The theater hall becomes a dance floor to move the body to the rhythm of the porro, tango and salsa every Saturday. A space to enjoy and learn music while dancing.

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5. Valentine’s day celebration at Andrés Carne de Res,

When: February 14.

Where: Andres Carne de Res.

Celebrate this day enjoying the amazing music and food at Andrés Carne de Res. A party like no other!

More info here.

6. Lunarte

When: February 8.

Where: Santa Elena.

Concert in the forest under the moon around a campfire with the Solé Family, Jazz Manouche

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7. Royal Ballet from Russia

When: February 11.

Where: Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe.

Royal Russian Ballet in Medellin, Single day, February 11, Pablo Tobon Uribe Theater

Heir of the purest ballet tradition that was founded for the tsars and the Russian aristocracy in the 18th century, the Royal Ballet of Russia arrives in Medellin presenting the full version of “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky. 30 dancers converge on stage, all graduated from the Vaganova school in St. Petersburg, one of the most important in the world.

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  1. Free language exchange

When: Every Monday.

Where: Desarrolladores de café – Google Maps.

Come to this free language exchange event for people who would like to improve their English, and friends from abroad, who want to learn and practice more Spanish. Every Monday at 6pm at the coffeeshop Desarrolladores de Café (Cra. 35#7-60, Poblado, Medellín). Some exercises will be given to the participants to practice the other language in an entertaining way.

You will meet locals to hang out and chat, there will be a small bilingual workshop, where you can learn about Colombian Coffee culture and after that you will have a nice evening, grab a coffee, beer or cocktail, some food and make friends.
A world of friends is a world of peace.

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  1. Valentine’s day at Café Zepelin.

When: February 14.

Where: Café Zepelin.

Celebrate this day with your loved one in one of the best cafés in Laureles!

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10. Yoga classes.

When: Every Friday.

Where: Naturalia café.

Start your Fridays with an excellent Hatha Yoga practice. Class facilitated by Estudio Yoga con Yeymi
07:00 am – Free Admission
Every Friday Morning!

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We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think!

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