Top 10 events of the week of March 11 – 17 in Medellín


    We have curated a list of the top 10 events happening every week in Medellin, so if you are in the City of Eternal Spring and you are looking for something fun to do, read below to plan your week ahead!

    Top 10 events from March 11 to March 17:

      1. Movie: Un asunto de familia (Shoplifters)

    When: March 11.

    Where: Centro Colombo Americano – Google Maps

    After one of his habitual thefts, Osamu and his son find a girl alone in the cold of the street. At first, Osamu’s wife does not want him to stay with them, but ends up taking pity on her. Despite surviving with difficulties thanks to petty thefts, the family is happy, until an unforeseen incident reveals a secret that tests the bonds that bind them.

    Read more about it here.

    2.  Piafzzolla” en Martes Al Teatro

    When: March 12.

    Where: Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe – Google Maps

    The Popular Theater of Medellín will open #MartesAlTeatro next March 12th at 7:00 p.m. with “Piafzzolla”, a work that aims to reflect, dignify and praise the work of the misunderstood artist in this society. Edith Piaf and Astor Piazzolla will be together in the same story, they never met, but they were united by love for their craft and lack of understanding for the societies in which they lived. | The Soprano Teresita Estrada will be the one who interprets these majestic musicians.

    * Entry with ticket and voluntary contribution | Claim your ticket a week before the performance at the Theater Box Office from 10:00 a.m. at 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. at 6:00 p.m.

    Read more about it here.


    3. Geología poética – La Tierra contada ( Poetic geology )

    When: March 12.

    Where: Auditorio Planetario de Medellín – Google Maps

    Memory is present in the strata of the Earth, in the geological layers that are piled up over time, writing our place in this history. Guest: Ignacio Piedrahita Arroyave, Writer and geologist. Columnist of the newspaper Universo Centro. | Planetarium Auditorium of Medellín | 6:30 pm. | Free admission.

    Read more here.

    4. Wobi On Digital Transformation

    When: March 14

    Where: Plaza Mayor – Google Maps

    During one day Plaza Mayor will host Wobi On Digital Transformation which will offer business leaders strategic ideas to address the challenges related to digital transformation in their organizations.

    The event will combine the best of academic thinking with practical knowledge of those who already drive digital transformation in companies.

    Read more here.

    5. 3ra Gran Fiesta Medellín Cultural

    When: March 15 to 17

    Where: Teatro Metropolitano – Google MapsThis is the opportunity for you to enjoy as a family the third Gran Fiesta Medellín Cultural, an event that will feature a varied program that includes presentations of jazz, pop, rock, Andean music, salsa, hip hop, retreta, Cuban son, children’s music , jazz-clow, puppets, playground, gastronomic festival, area of experiences, brands and guest designers, among other activities.

    Read more here.

    6. Bandeja Paisa – El Águila Descalza

    When: March 14,15,16.

    Where: Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe – Google Maps

    In this new creation Carlos Mario Aguirre and Cristina Toro, protagonists of the work, make a reflection from the comedy, about the ways of relating to food in a society that went from rural to urban and from one century to another changed the menu by the new gastronomic customs that revolve around obsessions like health, beauty and fashion.

    Read more here.

    And here.

    7. (How to understand the humanity of the 21st century? From this water … shall I drink?)

    When: March 16

    Where: Corporación Otraparte – Google Maps

    This is the first meeting of the cycle organized in 2019 by the Sofos Academic Study and Study Group, whose objective is to propose to the public a set of studies to understand our reality, its characteristics and its historical evolution. This year they will analyze the questions and challenges of humanity in the twenty-first century.


    The theme of the inaugural lecture is “Of this water … ¿shall I drink?”, By Ramiro Velásquez Gómez, a journalist linked to El Colombiano for forty years, a newspaper where he covers news related to science and the environment and also publishes his column weekly «Homo catus».

    Read more here.

    8. Movie: Okja

    When: March 17.

    Where: Corporación Otraparte – Google Maps

    Mija is a young Korean woman who lives with a strange and enormous creature of a kind and warm character called Okja. Their friendship is endearing and they take care of each other in their mountain walks, but after ten years everything becomes complicated when the powerful multinational responsible for their existence intends to take her to New York, where the narcissistic and self-centered Lucy Mirando has other plans for her. Mija and her pet are then caught in the middle of the power struggle between animal advocates, powerful company and scientific ethics.

    Read more about it here.

    1. Taller de asados (Gastronomy)

    When: March 17.

    Where: La Pampa Parrilla Argentina – Google Maps

    Learn how to prepare the best barbecue and enjoy a great Saturday afternoon in the Barbecue Workshop of La Pampa.

    Pay tribute to the ancestral traditions of the asado, which have come to us from Argentina.

    Read more here.

    1. Arví al límite

    When: March 16 or 17.

    Where: Parque Arvi (Santa Elena) – You can take the Metrocable to go to the park.

    Parque Arví Corporation invites you to live an experience that will allow you to interact with nature and at the same time challenge you to carry out activities that will limit your physical capacity.

    Challenge your body in a circuit of activities that includes a series of varied physical activities, including riding a bike, aerobics, hiking.

    Dedicate 3 hours to feel and breathe the pure air of the nature present in the Arví territory and live an unforgettable # ExperienciaArví, accompanied by a guide-interpreter of the Corporation.

    Read more here.

    Contact info: +4 444 29 79 ext. 141


    We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think!

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