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Parque Poblado: A Popular Place to Meet and Drink Outdoors

Parque Poblado is the ideal outdoor spot to meet up with friends for a drink before a night out in Parque Lleras.

Vía Primavera and Vía Provenza: Boutique Shopping in La Zona Rosa

In El Poblado's Zona Rosa, the businesses along Vía Primavera and Vía Provenza are leading the way in innovative fashion, gastronomy and design.

Best Bus Routes in Medellín

Ryan, who often uses public transportation, will tell us about the best bus routes in Medellín, the ones foreigners can use to get to the city's best spots.

The Poblado Pub Department’s Weekly Bar Crawl

Melissa's bar crawling experience doing Medellín's most popular pub crawl with the girls from Poblado Pub Department and a group of foreigners.

Shopping at Oviedo, El Poblado’s Oldest Mall

Centro Comercial Oviedo is one of a handful of big malls in the city and the first one in El Poblado, although Centro Comercial Santafé is now the biggest.

Shopping at Monterrey, Medellín’s Technology Mall

Monterrey is a unique mall in Medellín and is probably the best place to go in Medellín when trying to locate a hard-to-find technology product.

Mansion Club: A Small Club with Big House Tunes

If you’re serious about clubbing, the Mansion Club isn’t the type of venue to stand and look pretty. It’s a club for those who just want to move.

Tarambana: Authentic Spanish Food and Tapas

Ryan looks for authentic Spanish cuisine and finally tries Tarambana, which imports its chorizo from Spain and stays true to the country's recipes.

Shopping at Santafé, Medellín’s Largest Mall

Santafé is the largest shopping mall in Medellín with over 380 shops. With its size and location in El Poblado it is the most popular mall in the city.

Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel Creates a New Market in Medellín

The Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel offers all the amenities of a hotel and the fun atmosphere of a hostel, filling a void in the Colombian market.