Mansion Club: A Small Club with Big House Tunes

The Mansion Club, Medellin
Ready for the set
The Mansion Club
Inside Mansion

If you’re serious about clubbing, than Mansion Club is for you.

This isn’t the type of venue to stand and look pretty. As I was about to find out, it’s a club for those who want to move and throw around some glow sticks too.

After spending the evening looking pretty at a few rooftop bars across the city, I was ready to indulge in some dancing.

One thing I’ve noticed about Medellín is that although I finally found electronic music in the city, paisas prefer to sit and chill to the music. That’s fine, but after a couple of hours of listening to house beats, my feet were yearning for a floor to tap on.

The Mansion Club, Medellin
Ready for the set

Hopping in a taxi from Poblado, it was a short ride to the Mansion Club, a club I had been forewarned was less of a mansion and more of an underground basement.

Needless to say, after my night at Cameo Teatro Club, I couldn’t wait for my second electronic venue in the city.

The night was called “Trance Mansion” with a three-DJ line up. Matt House doing the progressive warm up, then Ivan Leeuw before Alek as the headliner.

After paying the entrance fee of just 10,000 pesos ($5), I was led through a tunnel and into the club. It took a few minutes as my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

This was definitely an underground club, like a little secret in the city where only the hardcore ravers hung out.

The Mansion Club, Medellin
Into the entrance of the Mansion Club

Then as the DJ booth lit up the floor with colorful rays, I saw the glow sticks illuminating amongst the intimate crowd.

It had been years since I had held one of them in my hands and after examining the drink menu I was going to make my way onto the dance floor to find one to wave around in the air.

Not usually synonymous with underground clubs, there was a surprising selection of cocktails on offer. From the standard Caipirinha at 10,000 pesos ($5) to an Orgasm at 15,000 pesos ($7.50), there was even a choice of Moijitos. You could choose a Cubano or a Mango Moijito to sip as you danced to the beats.

But as this was a proper club, a cerveza was called for, and a Peroni set me back just 7,000 pesos ($3.50).

Then as Ivan Leeuw finished his set and made way for Alek, I was on the dance floor with my glow sticks, lost in the trance music and wooing with the rest of the crowd. Here’s a sample of his set.

With an amazing base sound system and light show behind the DJ booth, there’s plenty of space to dance the night away to the sounds of the future underground, and the Mansion Club has DJs from as far away as Berlin.

I left feeling completely danced out and thankful that I had stumbled upon a club where people put the music before looking good.

The best thing about this club is that you’re given a wrist band to allow you access in and out, but with music this great, would you really want to leave?

Only open on Friday and Saturday nights, with techno on Fridays and trance, and progressive house on Saturdays, the capacity at the Mansion Club may be small but the music certainly isn’t.

Prepare for a big night club experience in an intimate setting.

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  1. Great reports, Lisa. As a house lover myself, I’ll be glad to check out any clubs that plays good house music when I visit Medellin next month. I love to dance latin music although I’m not that great, but nothing is better getting lost in the beat of a great house track. Good to hear that the scene is alive and well in Medellin.