Meeting Jacob

View from the hallway of my Envigado apartment
View from the hallway of my Envigado apartment

I met Jacob for a drink at a bar facing Parque Envigado one afternoon.  It is about as easy to spot a gringo in public in Colombia as it is in China.

There simply aren’t a lot of us around!  And that’s the way we like it.

The meeting came about as Jacob found this blog one day not too long ago, and wrote me an e-mail.

I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with a non-backpacker from Maryland, learning about how he found himself living in Medellin and meeting his wife.

He currently runs his own consulting company and plays on an Envigado softball team.

After talking for awhile, and allowing the rain to let up, he walked me past a disco and a row of bars which he said were popular nightlife spots.

Envigado is not high on the list of nightlife destinations for the Colombians and foreigners I know, so I haven’t even gone out one night there, though to be fair, I usually only go out for drinks one night a week anyways.

Still, I feel I am neglecting my barrio, which along with Poblado, is one of the more polished parts of the city.

Hopefully I can recruit a partner in crime to join me.  After all, there’s even a bar named after Moe from The Simpsons!

And Jacob offered to invite me out sometime too, which would be cool.

I still feel very much like a sponge, and the more new people I can continue to meet and get to know during my time here, the better!

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  1. Dave – Let me know what night you want grab a drink.  Every night is good this week with the holiday.  I actualloy may grab a few tonight.

  2. Is there an organized expat community in Medellin? I’d love the chance to meet some non-backpacker foreigners here. I’ve been travelling back and forth for business for many years and we’ve just recently decided to settly down and raise our daughter in Medellin. My husband is paisa; I’m from Texas.

    • Hi Kelly,

      I’m not unaware of any organizations that bring expats together, outside of backpacking circles. Maybe if you start with connections via the web (,, you can network your way into the various social circles of professionals living and working (or enjoying retirement) in Medellin.

      If you do find something, let me know and I’ll be happy to post the information for future reference.