Arepa Adventures at Konin Foods

Arrepa menu
Arrepa menu

Every time I walk back to my apartment from the local video store, internet cafe, or Consumo grocer, I mentally drool at the sight of a big poster advertising arepas.

I find arepas on their own to be rather bland, sometimes akin to cardboard.  But add some cheese, sweet condensed milk, chicken, guacamole, or various other salsas (sauces), and they can be quite good.

So I finally walked into the clean little Konin Foods arepa joint one afternoon and pulled up a stool at the counter.

The two ladies working there spoke no English, however it was easy enough to order the chicken arepa with a menu in hand.  As they were cooking it up, a woman (possibly the manager or owner) walked into the open kitchen before me.

She greeted me and I immediately recognized the design of a turquoise necklace she was wearing, and knew it had to have come from Tibet.

And I was right.  Her friend had picked it up for her on a trip there.  I instantly felt a connection, which was helped by the fact that she spoke good English.

A pleasant conversation ensued, with the usual questions about how long I´d been in Colombia, if I liked it, where I was from, etc.

The manager took the time to translate my answers into Spanish for the other ladies.  She offered me a coffee, which I gladly accepted, and we continued to chat.

When it was time for me to pay and leave, she said I was welcome back any time.  And this is type of interaction and experience replays itself over and over for me.  Unless I´m tired, I always enjoy it too!

PS – the chicken arepa was delicious!

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