A Medellin Retirement Story

Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
With views like this it’s no wonder Medellin, Colombia is becoming a popular retirement destination for Americans.

While most of my travels have brought me in contact with a lot of young back packers, I have come to discover that Medellín has also attracted many older people who are looking not only to retire, but to spend time exploring the city, learning a new language and sharing their knowledge.

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Recently, while walking around one of the many beautiful neighborhoods in Medellín, I saw a new restaurant that was getting ready to open.

I walked inside to see what kind of food they would be serving and I found myself face-to-face with another American.

Jimmy, 67 years old, began to tell me how he ended up in Medellín.

After working for many years as a CIA agent in the States, he and his friend decided they wanted to retire to a city that was serene, beautiful, surrounded by nature, growing, and community-oriented.

It also helped that their desire to learn a new language, live in a safe community, explore the surrounding villages and eat delicious food comes at a much lower cost than if they retired in the States.

Jimmy had come to Medellín once before in his travels, but had never lived here, and was not on close terms with any Colombians.

He chose Medellín because of his feeling of being in an American suburb due to its beauty and peacefulness, while having a Latin flair because of the language, music, food and people.

For those interested in retiring in Medellin, whether you are coming for an initial visit, looking to buy real estate, spending part of the year here, or visiting friends who have already made the leap, seniors travel insurance is always a good idea.

As in any country, it is unpredictable when petty crime, personal theft, loss of luggage or electronics and health issues may arise.


This post was written by Jessica, and brought to you by Good2Go.

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