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Dulce Encantos' logo during the World Cup

Before we start this review, let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a woman who doesn’t like to shop, be it window shopping, online shopping or actually leaving their house and going to a store.

So when Dave told me about Dulce Encanto, this great Colombian website that sells accessories for amazing prices, I immediately checked it out.

Catrina Earrings. My favorite earrings on the website.
Catrina Earrings. My favorite earrings on the website.

The first thing I did was to send Lily Moreno, the co-owner along with Sandra Mira, an email explaining who I was and asking for a bit of background information on the company. She was really nice and answered all of my questions.

She even included a nice little surprise for Medellín Living readers. Stay tuned until the end.

Moreno mentioned that she started the online store to help women who are heads of household by creating jobs for them.

Dulce Encanto has been an online store since July 2012. (Don’t ask why I hadn’t heard of it before, I’m still trying to answer that myself.) They started out by selling earrings, bracelets and necklaces and last year added bags and little coin purses.

Set of 4 cute green bracelets. Delicate and feminine.
Set of 4 cute green bracelets. Delicate and feminine.

All of the accessories are hand-made by Colombian woman. They are youthful, fresh, colorful and stylish.

The website is clean, and easy to navigate through. You can choose to shop in US dollars or Colombian pesos. For now, you can only shop in Spanish.

The earrings range between 3,000 pesos ($1.80) and 24,000 pesos ($14).

Oriental style earrings.
Oriental style earrings.

The bracelets range between 14,000 pesos ($8) and 36,000 pesos ($22).

Arm candy for every occasion.
Arm candy for every occasion.

The necklaces range between 18,000 pesos ($11) and 56,000 COP ($34).

Colorful necklace that comes with matching earrings.
Colorful necklace that comes with matching earrings.
Backpack sold on Dulce Encanto.
Backpack sold on Dulce Encanto.

I decided this wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t order something for myself. (Yay for online shopping!) I bought two items, an anklet and a bracelet set, and ordered the anklet as a “gift” for myself to see how nice the gift-wrapping was.

Infinity anklet. I'm in love.
Infinity anklet. I’m in love.

It took two days. The quality is excellent and so far I’ve gotten many compliments.

Delicate bracelets I ordered.
Delicate set I ordered.

The accessories are not meant to be worn 24/7, and try not to get perfume, soap, detergent or any other chemicals on the jewelry to avoid ruining the pieces.

gift box
This box will brighten up someone’s day.

The gift-wrapping is a little turquoise blue box with the name of the company on it.


Dulce Encanto ships products internationally to countries like Argentina, Chile, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic for about $35. Any other country cost around $45.

International shipping can take anywhere between four to ten business days.

In Colombia, you can ship to Medellín for 4,000 pesos ($2), and it’s 5,000 pesos ($2.70) for any other Colombian city. National shipping can take between one to three business days depending on the city.

When you are ready to check out you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club International or you can wire the money through Efecty or transfer it into their Bancolombia account.

To return an item, visit the page Cambios de Articulos, where you will have to specify what went wrong with the order, the number of the order, the product code and other bits of information.

Exclusively for Medellín Living readers, I scored us a discount code! At the bottom of the check out page click Tengo un código de Descuento. Type in 20LIVING to get a 20 percent discount on any purchase of 50,000 pesos ($30) or more.

This discount code is valid until September 30, 2014.

Enjoy your cyber-shopping. I know I did.


All photos are taken from Dulceencanto.com unless stated otherwise.

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