Makro Opens New Warehouse Store in Medellín Near El Poblado

A new, large Makro warehouse store recently opened in Medellín with good grocery prices, which is conveniently located near the Poblado metro station.

Mayorca Mall Opens Major Expansion in Sabaneta

Jeff takes us to a major expansion of the popular Mayorca mall in Sabaneta, which recently opened adding 295 shops.

Mall Zona Dos: A Day of Shopping in El Poblado

Mall Zona Dos, located in the hills of El Poblado, offers boutique fashion stores, unique dining options and a wide variety of services.

10 Surprisingly Cheap Things in Medellín

Jeff looks at 10 surprisingly cheap things in Medellín, which contribute to the low cost of living in the city.

Shopping at City Plaza, Envigado’s Modern Mall

City Plaza is the only modern mall in Envigado, which is surprising as Envigado has a bigger population than El Poblado.

Shopping at Aves Maria, Sabaneta’s Modern Mall

Aves Maria Centro Comerical is the only Western-style mall in Sabaneta. With the rapid growth of Sabaneta, it should eventually become a very busy mall.

Centro Comercial Viva Laureles

Centro Comercial Viva is a project signed by Éxito Real Estate and opened its doors in Laureles in November 2012.

PriceSmart Warehouse Club Opens Store

A new, large PriceSmart warehouse club recently opened in Medellín with good prices and a wide selection of imported items.

Ryan’s Guide to Grocery Shopping

Ryan gives us tips for grocery shopping in Medellín, not just how to save money, but how to find certain items, everything from food to shampoo.

Buying a Computer or Tablet in Colombia

It is possible to buy computer or tablet in Colombia for similar prices as the U.S. due to computers and tablets being exempt from the IVA tax in Colombia.