Video – Tecktonik in Medellin


According to Wikipedia “Tecktonik, also known as Electro Dance, Milky Way or Vertigo, is a French style of street dance danced to electro music based on a blend of techno, rave and hip-hop styles – (late 80s vogue, 90s waving and old school breakdancing, and 70s disco).”

I came across videos of tecktonik in Medellin on YouTube, so it appears to have a following there. The opening shot of this particular video is in front of the intelligence building in the downtown area.

Has anyone ever heard of or seen Tecktonik before?

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  1. Hi Dave, great blog you’ve built, I’m a Paisa guy living in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and I happen to dance tecktonik and what’s called “electro flogger” it’s a really cool and easy to learn, let me know if you’re ever down here in Florida or over there in Medellin and I’ll teach you how to dance. By the way it’s great to learn how Americans think of my country of birth.