Tourist Visa Renewal Update


The DAS office now uses Bogotá bank for the deposits.  As far as I know, the deposit has to be made at the location that is across the street from Premium Plaza.  The rest of the required information is the same…for now.  There are possible major changes in January when DAS basically is restructured.  So far, no one seems to know what, if any, changes will be made for tourist visa/stamp.

Requirements to renew tourist visa:

  • Original passport
  • 3 photos (3×4 cm)
  • The completed form they give you at the DAS office (requires the name, address, and phone number of one Colombian national), plus 1 copy
  • Deposit 68,700 COP in Acct. 6434911400 codigo 103.
  • Original bank deposit and 2 copies
  • 2 copies of the information page in passport
  • 2 copies of the passport page with Colombian entry stamp
  • 2 copies of return flight ticket
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  1. Does anyone have the address of the DAS Office in Medellin with a contact number. I keep reading about this lady named Fanny and that she is no good and will try to make you pay more money once there. Anyone know if she is still working there?

    • Troy – no need to be paranoid. I never had to pay more than I was suppose to at DAS office in Medellin! Besides, you’re suppose to deposit the money in the bank *before* you go.

      As of March 2009:

      Departamento Administartivo de Seguridad (DAS).

      * Address: Calle 19 80A-40, Barrio Belén, Medellin
      * Phone: (4) 238-9252
      * Office Hours: 8am-12pm, and 2-4pm, Monday through Friday

      • HI! I was wondering if you would consider doing an article on getting the independent contractor VISA, for English teachers or other jobs. It would be helpful. I guess not for me, because I´ll be doing this myself, but for others haha 🙂 Thanks!