My New Apartment in Envigado

View from Holly's apartment
View from my apartment on a typically rainy day
View from my apartment on a typically rainy day
View from my apartment on a typically rainy day
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I moved into a new apartment recently, and I am so happy in the new neighborhood.  I am still in Envigado, but I am much closer to the center now.

The stores on every corner include markets of all sizes, Internet cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries, and even an ice cream shop.

I have little need to leave the neighborhood any more.  There are even some great clubs in Envigado that I am within walking distance of now.

Finding an apartment can be quite a task in Medellin.  My roommate handled all of the searching and negotiating, but I could tell it was a frustrating process for him.

Two different apartments that we were looking at got rented out just before we decided to apply for them.

The place we are in now is one of the nicest places I have ever lived.  It is three bedrooms, three baths, and has a gas water heater.

It has the typical floors of ceramic tile, a patio for hanging clothes to dry, and a wonderful balcony (about twice the width of most I’ve seen in Medellin).

The entire apartment rents for $750,000 COP, which does not include any of the utilities.

Check out if you’re looking for a room in Medellin.  (I have never used this site.  Please use your brain when finding a roommate.)

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  1. It seems like it is very hard to find a place in Envigado vs in Medellin. I want the more laid by life of Envigado but the apartments seem more expensive and limited compared to Medellin. Is that just because on the typical sites geared to gringos that more ppl are looking for Medellin so scarcity inflates the gringo prices for Medellin.