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Apartment Rental Guide: Searching for an Apartment

Jeff covers his latest experience searching for an apartment in Medellín and finding a much cheaper apartment than can be found in El Poblado.

4 Inexpensive Neighborhoods for Apartment Rentals in Medellín

Jeff surveyed the rental costs of 200 unfurnished apartments in 4 inexpensive neighborhoods in Medellín where you can save 32 to 38 percent over El Poblado.

Medellín Furnished Apartment Rental Costs

Jeff surveyed 300 apartments in Medellín to find out what the Medellín furnished apartment rental costs are in several neighborhoods in the city.

Apartment Rental Costs in Medellín

Jeff surveyed the rental costs of 600 apartments in Medellín to determine accurate apartment rental costs in several neighborhoods in the city.

Apartment Rental Guide: Finding the Perfect Apartment

Part three in this apartment rental series looks at Jeff's experience in quickly hunting for his third apartment in Medellín and finding the perfect fit.

Apartment Rental Guide: Overcoming the Fiador Requirement

The first in a four-part series covering the author's experiences in renting apartments in Medellín as well as recommendations for furnishing apartments.

Fondas de mi Tierra: A Feria de las Flores Event Explained

Fondas de mi Tierra is an event where paisas party the way they have for years, something very traditional.

Rooms for Rent at International House Medellin

Editor's Note: Click here for a more up-to-date article on the International House (May 2014). I spent my first few nights in Medellin, back in early...

Finding an Apartment in Colombia

I have been in Colombia now for about ten months, and as a result of changing life situations for myself and past roommates, I...

My New Apartment in Envigado

Exclusive Bonus: Download The Free Step-By-Step Guide to Investing In Medellin Real Estate. I moved into a new apartment recently, and I am so...