Fondas de mi Tierra: A Feria de las Flores Event Explained

Fonda Sitio Viejo in Sabaneta
Fonda Sitio Viejo in Sabaneta
Fonda Sitio Viejo in Sabaneta
Fonda Sitio Viejo in Sabaneta

Something came to my attention this year, something I had never heard of but I made a priority to see this August, a time that has become busier than ever for me.

I opened a new business, I’m searching websites such as Lamudi for a new place to live, and it’s my birthday month, which coincides with Medellín’s biggest event: Feria de las Flores.

The thing that came to my attention is a part of the Feria. It’s called Fondas de mi Tierra, an event where paisas party the way they have for years, something very traditional.

Fondas are small restaurants, where you can usually find all the typical Colombian food — bandeja paisa, sancocho, among others — and they often became places to dance and party in the later evening hours.

They’re the kind of place where you will see people dancing next to their seats and tables, or on their seats and tables. It’s a lot of fun.

This year’s Feria features two. One is already over. It was Aug. 2 through 4, in Santa Elena, and I got close, just not inside.

I arrived too late at the area that serves as Santa Elena’s downtown, not too late for the event but too late to stay for it because I already had a commitment back in Medellín.

I WILL NOT miss the event in Envigado.

There’s no excuse this time.

I live in Envigado, not too far from where the event takes place, the Polideportivo Sur, the stadium Envigado’s professional fútbol team calls home. It’s 8,000 pesos ($4.25) to get in.

There’s another side to my living situation as well. I won’t be living in Envigado anymore come September, because our landlord wants to sell the house.

So while I’ve been planning to go to the Fondas event, I’m wondering where I’m going to end up living.

I also started a new business. But I’ll tell you more about this later.

The other tiny item making August such a big month? Friday is my birthday.

It’s kinda cool to have a birthday that coincides with a huge event like Feria de las Flores. It all but guarantees that there will be a lot fun things to do.

The Fondas event gives me something new to try, to celebrate turning 34. My plan is to head there in the afternoon, right after lunch.

By 5 p.m., I want to be at Stella, one of my favorite restaurants in the Medellín metropolitan area and definitely favorite restaurant in Envigado.

The restaurant is starting a happy hour this week, 20,000 pesos ($10.50) for an-you-can-eat gourmet Cajun buffet, 35,000 pesos ($18.60) including a fancy cocktail.

But all the while, I’ll be thinking about where I’m going to live next.

I think I’ll get back to this later, though, after my birthday.


This post was written by Ryan, and brought to you by Lamudi.

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