Lightenupandshoot Parkour


I discovered Mikey and Andy, the photography duo behind Lightenupandshoot, late last year before I had to leave Colombia.

Aside from their funny videos and laid back approach toward teaching photography, they spend part of the year (when not working abroad) living in Medellin!

I immediately began to watch all their instructional photography videos shot here.

In the one below, Mikey is shooting a Parkour athlete from Medellin starting around 1:20.  Parkour is a street-based physical discipline that began in France.

I had no idea there were talented paisas involved in the sport, however it’s yet another example of how much is going on in the city.

The location of the shoot is a familiar one — the Museo del Arte Moderno which is right next to my apartment, and also a popular skateboarding spot if you recall.

The second half of the video is shot in the park behind the museum and apartment buildings.

If you like what you see, and want to learn more about photography from these talented goofballs, I highly recommend their V-book which is more than an ebook as it contains over 2 hours of video instruction, in addition to text.

It’s priced at a very low $15.23.

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  1. I have seen the V-book by these guys and was very impressed their work is excellent.

    I do think the location of this shoot has alot to do with it but you certainly need an eye for it.

    Thanks for sharing
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