Learn Salsa in Colombia


I met Benny (Fluent in 3 Months) when he arrived in Medellin last November for a 2-month stay in Colombia.

He wanted to learn salsa in Colombia, so I referred him to my teacher, Yamile, at the dance studio I’ve used the last few years.

In the first part of the video, you’ll see footage of him learning salsa in the private lessons with Yamile, and then he moves on to Cali to continue building on his experience.

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  1. Is this studio still open? I went to the address listed and it appeared that the house was for sale. In addition, the telephone number does not work.

    Can you list the updated contact info for Yamile?



    • Hi Alex,

      I haven’t been to the studio since early December 2010, so something may have changed that I’m not aware of. I’d prefer not to list her private number publicly, but I can email you some contact info.

  2. Anyone else who’s interested in taking classes, here’s the new studio information that they e-mailed over to me:

    AS Dance Academy
    Cra 46 No. 10 south – 36 (The Aguacatala – The Village)
    Tel: (574) 444 85 82 – (57) 300 678 3220
    Medellin – Colombia