Playboy Party at Kukaramakara Club

Playboy Colombia
Playboy Colombia
DJ Rhiannon on the cover of Playboy Colombia

Last October, Troy and I attended a Playboy party at one of my favorite Medellin clubs, Kukaramakara.

We didn’t know what to expect, but I suggested we get there early as I’d made a reservation and I didn’t want them to give our table away.  Ana and her cousin would be joining us later in the evening.

Upon arrival, around 9:30 pm, the place was empty.  We ordered the usual Medellin Anejo rum with Coke and Canada Dry as mixers.

A plate of freshly sliced limes and a bowl of popcorn, staples of Colombia bars and clubs, were provided too.

Medellin's 3 bunny finalists
Medellin’s 3 bunny finalists

As the club began to fill up between 10 – 11 pm, the 3 Playboy bunny finalists from Medellin appeared in the classic outfits.

I don’t want to sound picky here, but I was certain there would be normal clubbers that night that I found hotter than these ladies.

The house band at Kukaramakara Club
The house band plays a mix of popular Latin music, both old and new.

Kukaramakara is like Trilogia Bar in that they both have live house bands that play a popular mix of Latin and American music.

Rock, ballads, salsa, and vallenato combine for eclectic sets that keep the crowds engaged and singing along.

The sets often include the same popular songs (such as Guns ‘n Roses “Sweet Child of Mine”), so it’s possible to hear the band playing the same music from month to month (even year to year).

As the night went on, and Ana and her cousin arrived, we did a little salsa dancing, and drank way too much.

One of the Medellin bunnies
One of the Medellin bunnies

The head of Playboy Colombia, and Playboy’s entire South American operation, was from Bogotá.

He came onto the stage along with the first Colombian playmate from 2009 to announce the Medellin Playmate.  I forgot which girl won.

The Medellin playmate is announced
The Medellin playmate is announced by the publisher of Playboy’s South American issues. He’s based out of Bogotá, and accompanied on stage by Colombia’s first playmate.

After the announcement, they walked off the stage, and a Playboy DJ stepped up to mix a set of mostly dance music.

She was scantily clad, but other than that, I can’t speak to how talented she was from a dj’ing standpoint.

By early morning, we were already to call it a night.

Like I said, i didn’t know what to expect, however the whole night turned out to be less exciting than I’d imagined.

DJ Rhiannon
DJ Rhiannon played a set after the Medellin playmate was announced.
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