Teaching Update…and The Future


Course Correction

I bet you have been wondering why I’ve spent more electronic ink on nightlife and salsa dancing the last few weeks then my trials and tribulations teaching English.

The reason is simple….I decided to stop stressing about trying to teach English and focus instead on writing for my blogs – Medellin Living and GoBackpacking.  In addition, I have also begun to do some freelance work for AskMen.com, a popular men’s lifestyle website.  Obtaining my own laptop has made this possible, or at least afforded me the opportunity to work in a more comfortable and conducive environment (my Medellin apartment).

As much as I enjoy sitting in front of a computer with the world at my fingertips, writing all day and catching up with friends at home is not exactly the most exciting of topics to discuss, therefore I will continue to focus on sharing my adventures at night, and introducing the cool people, both Colombian and foreign, I am meeting.  I hope to even take a few sidetrips to nearby national parks or traditional towns in the coming weeks.

The Future

Since I am no longer putting myself in a position to obtain a work visa, my tourist visa in Colombia will expire by mid-July.  While I could extend my time here by taking Spanish classes and switching to a student visa (I think), I have neither the money nor the will to do so.  I love it here.  Truly.  And I am living every day to the fullest, which is extremely satisfying.

That said, I am also ready to return home to the States for a respite from life abroad.  I want to see what happens after having been gone for 20 months.  I know I’ve changed.  I am sure people at home have changed.  The American economy and job market has definitely changed.  I’m increasingly curious about my homecoming, whatever may happen.

My plan is to continue building this blog, from Medellin and the States.  As a result of the latter, I will be trying to recruit local contributers in Colombia, especially an English teacher (for his/her perspective on working here)!

Please contact me if you would be interested.

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