Teaching English in Medellin

In late August, after about a month of exploring Medellin and its surrounding regions, I decided to start looking around for English teaching positions. I started off by asking my family for some names of good bilingual schools and English institutes in the area and they gave me quite a long list. Here’s a short […]

Teaching Update…and The Future

Course Correction I bet you have been wondering why I’ve spent more electronic ink on nightlife and salsa dancing the last few weeks then my trials and tribulations teaching English. The reason is simple….I decided to stop stressing about trying to teach English and focus instead on writing for my blogs – Medellin Living and […]

Teaching Update

I ran into a gregarious Colombian English teacher at the print shop.  Her first question to me was whether I was a teacher, perhaps because there is little reason for me to be at such a place if I weren’t.  She said she use to teach at EAFIT University’s language center, however moved to private […]

Semana Santa in Medellin

The Holy Week of Easter is the most important Catholic religious festival in South America. Semana Santa, Holy Week, celebrates the last days of Christ’s life, the Crucifixion and Resurrection, as well as the end of Lent. Semana Santa is observed with a range of celebrations, from the most solemnly religious, to a mix of […]

Teaching Update

My efforts to build a clientele of private English students is slowly but surely moving in the right direction. I am receiving interest from potential students via my advertisements, networking, and chance encounters.  It seems the more I embrace the role of teacher, the more potential students emerge from thin air. The challenge seems to […]

My First Regular Students

I gained my first two regular students last week, and both were through networking. First, on Monday, I forwarded my teaching advertisement and rates to David, an engineering student from Mexico.  He forwarded them to a classmate, who forwarded them to her friend taking English classes at the university’s language center. We were introduced two […]

Meeting Clint At Universidad EAFIT

In addition to meeting Ken last week, I also reconnected with Clint from Australia. I met him at Casa Kiwi Hostel, and got his contact info after learning he was also looking for work as an English teacher. The difference between us is he has been away from home for far longer, 5 years, having […]

My First Student

On Wednesday evening, I met with my first paying student at the San Diego Mall. We had met once before my first week in Medellin through a mutual friend. She is heading for a series of interviews in the United States this weekend, and wanted to work on her pronunciation. Unlike trying to sell myself to a school […]

Updated Teaching Advertisement

On Tuesday, I printed 30 color copies of the advertisement below. I then dropped by EAFIT’s Culture and Communications office. Their protocol is to stamp up to four copies of the advertisement, and then post them on campus bulletin boards. They only update the boards every Monday and Wednesday, so I was glad to have […]

Language Lessons Continued

Sundays in Medellin are quiet. The young people are recovering from their late nights out, while others are going to church and exercising along certain main roads which are closed every week to encourage walking, running, and cycling. On Monday, I resumed the English for Spanish language lessons with Rodrigo. We began with Spanish, reviewing […]