TEFL Resume Writing 101


Today was spent recommitting myself to looking for work as an English teacher in Medellin, sans teaching experience and the ability to speak Spanish.

Since I began paying attention, I´ve met quite a few travelers who are looking for work or already building up a few hours of class time per week, however it seems to require months of patience and a healthy dose of luck.

A funny thing happens when you stop traveling. Boredom sets in.

You´ve seen the main sights, and any locals you´ve met are at work, university, or both during the week.

To stay focused and productive, I kicked myself into gear and spent some time in the morning drumming up potential advertisers for my already established travel site, GoBackpacking.com.

After a bagel and coffee lunch in Zona Rosa, I returned to the hostel and immersed myself in tutorials for writing resumes aimed at language institutes in foreign countries.

Below are a few of the bookmarked sites I found useful:

My briefest, most basic and simple resume ever developed was then forwarded to three contacts I made here so far, two of whom responded with great feedback within a few hours.

As I continue this process, I will build upon the Teach English page.

Hopefully it will save future travelers a little time an effort, especially if they´re knew to the whole ¨teaching English abroad¨game.

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  1. Hi David,

    Really helpful site and well-written! Just wanted to let you know you’ve got the wrong link to your travel web site, above in the article.

    Thanks for all the great articles…