Meeting Clint At Universidad EAFIT

Dance performance in front of EAFIT's library
Dance performance in front of EAFIT’s library

In addition to meeting Ken last week, I also reconnected with Clint from Australia.

I met him at Casa Kiwi Hostel, and got his contact info after learning he was also looking for work as an English teacher.

The difference between us is he has been away from home for far longer, 5 years, having taught in other countries already such as Japan.

We sat outside the library catching up and people watching.  He was dressed in a button down shirt and tie for dropping off his teaching application at the Universidad EAFIT language center.

As a result, we learned the school tends to hire in June of each year, as that is when the year long contracts expire.

This coincides with a break between semesters as well.  I also got to see his paper advertisements and draft of a business card.  Both were in color.  He bought a printer with both black and color ink for just about $30, which seems like a worthy investment.

Right now, I print all my stuff at a cheap copy center across the street from the university, but a few dollars here and there start to add up, especially when I keep wanting to change the look, design, and phrasing.

As we were sitting outside, David (Mexico) came up and said hello.  I met him first through Martin.

He mentioned his roommate who works at the massive headquarters of Bancolombia in Medellin, might have a lead on teaching English at the bank.

Apparently, one of the higher-ups wants staff to speak English.  The thought alone brought dollar signs to my eyes, however we later found out the existing American teacher’s contract was renewed, and thus the opportunity had vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

Still, it reinforced in our minds the importance of networking.  Clint had previously told me about a lack of results from simply e-mailing resumes here.

In Colombia, or at least Medellin, looking for work seems to be a more personal affair from the start.

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  1. Dave, thanks for the info! I am coming to Medellin in July for the fifth time since 2006. I have been considering doing exactly what you are doing, finding a job teaching English and am still considering it. I LOVE that city and especially the people there! Keep up this posting and I am wishing you all the luck in the world. I’ll read your other posts now, hopefully you’ve already found a position! Tim, Ft. Worth, Texas, USA