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Things to Do in Medellín on Wednesdays

Wednesday. The day before Thursday, which is the day before Friday, and therefore a sign that you’re close to the end of the working...

Hellriegel Beer Company: Paisa-Inspired Brewpub Opens in Estadio

Founded by Stefan Hellriegel in Venezuela, Hellriegel Beer Company relocated to Medellín in 2014 and now offers four standard and several seasonal beers.

Medellín Furnished Apartment Rental Costs

Jeff surveyed 300 apartments in Medellín to find out what the Medellín furnished apartment rental costs are in several neighborhoods in the city.

Apartment Rental Costs in Medellín

Jeff surveyed the rental costs of 600 apartments in Medellín to determine accurate apartment rental costs in several neighborhoods in the city.

La Familia Naranja (Los Gringos de Envigado FC)

La Familia Naranja (Los Gringos de Envigado FC) is a soccer fan club created by foreigners to build local support for the Envigado FC soccer team.

Atlético Nacional vs Gremio

Atlético Nacional, Colombia's best team, takes on Gremio of Brazil in Copa Libertadores, the South American championship tournament. A win will all but assure Nacional...

Volcom’s In Color Latin America Skate Tour Hits Medellin

On November 19, the Volcom In Color Latin America Skate Tour featuring David Gonzalez arrived in Medellin for a demo at the Estadio Skatepark.

Laureles / Estadio: The Next Poblado

The comuna of Laureles / Estadio is an up-and-coming district in Medellin, featuring affordable housing, diverse restaurants, and plenty of nightlife.

Beating Bogotá: Nacional 2, Millonarios 1

The camera held the evidence, the photos and the video that would prove whether I had witnessed Nacional topple Millonarios in a fútbol game...