Sailing To Colombia From Panama


A great article was on the NY World Travel Examiner about the sailing trip you can take from various parts of Panama to Cartagena, Colombia.  This is an adventure I’ve had on my mind for a few years, but wasn’t in a position to take as my trip around the world winded down earlier this year in Medellin.

While I was staying at Casa Kiwi Hostel, I would talk to lots of travelers making their way throughout Latin America, including a few who had taken the sailing approach to reaching Colombia from Panama.  I remember enough feedback about sea-sickness to question whether I really would want to set sail for 3-4 days, but my adventurous side still beats out my wobbly stomach for now.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has sailed between these two countries.  What was your experience?  Would you recommend it?  And any tips for those planning to make the journey?

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I did this trip with Gisbert and his 50′ cat Santana. I trully had the time of my life. Laxing in some of the most scenic islands in the world. He had a canoe and snorkeling gear. The boat was large and the food absolutely fantastic. He has quite alot of info about himself and the boat in his web page Colombia Panama Sailing

  2. Highly recommend Ave Maria for the trip from Cartagena to Panama via the San Blas islands or visa versa. It’s a 5day/5night trip stopping at fabulous uninhabited islands off the main tourist route. Includes great meals, comfortable beds, snorkeling gear etc. Ave Maria is a beautiful classic sailboat for more info see: