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After being given the tip to visit EasyToBook, I spent the next 30 minutes searching for hotels in all of my favorite cities around the world to see if I would use this site in planning my next big trip., founded in 2004, has grown rapidly in the past 7 years and offers a staggering amount of hotels and facilities from which to choose.  For example, you can find facilities that are disability-friendly, include internet, allow pets, and come with a swimming pool, air-conditioning and/or fitness center.

They even feature Medellin hotels!

They list the number of hotels they work with in every search, as well as the number of hotels that have availabilities for the dates in question.   Because they strive to be one of the top 5 online hotel booking companies, they offer great weekly deals, specials, low prices and a very easy way to connect with them.

Unlike most websites I have come across, EasyToBook advertises an international Helpline number on the front page, and offers 9 languages to choose from when browsing the site.  Also, if you click on the Customer Care page, there is also a listing of 9 toll-free numbers in 9 different countries for you to call.

The company is young, the team is young, and the site is fresh and clean and easy to use.  Maybe this is the  reason for their effective and efficient Facebook page.  The first photo is a snapshot of their actual website.  And, when I clicked on it I was taken to that exact same place on EasyToBook without having to jump through hoops to find the reservation information.

Great Features

There are no payments in advance.  Your credit card number is used only to hold the reservation.  You pay on your last night in the hotel.

The guest score is a great feature.  I always like to read the honest opinions of clients where I may spend my money.

What Can Be Improved

While adding a travel blog to a reservations site is a good idea because it can show “things to do” near the hotels that people will be staying in, it seems underdeveloped.

Because I am from New York, I went to that city’s blog first and there was an incomplete A-Z listing and a story that did not seem to connect to New York.

The next time you’re looking to book a Medellin hotel, or any hotel online, give EasyToBook a try.


This post was written by Jessica, and brought to you by EasyToBook.

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  1. I tried to book several different hotels, at various locations for a tour around Europe and on different dates, only to find after entering all my details serveral times, was unable to successfully reserve one single hotel. They advertise hotels at great prices and showed availability but it was impossible to book anything. On contacting staff they tried to tell me there was a problem with my card, I cheked this with my bank, it was find and also tried another credit card but to no availe. My cards worked find on other websites and never had a problem with them. I feel it is false advertising and dishonest. As well as completely time wasting. Would definately not recommend using this site. The staff were helpful but what is the point if you cant book your hotel at the price they are advertising.