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Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor

Known as the epicenter of any great event in Medellín and possibly even Colombia, the Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition Center has made its name as an important event venue in the city.

Most notably, it’s home to the recently wrapped 2014 Colombiamoda, Colombia’s most important fashion fair which attracts international buyers from around the world.

Exhibition center
Entrance to the main exhibition center during Colombiamoda 2014 (photo: David Lee)

Enhancing Medellín’s reputation as the fashion capital of Colombia, Colombiamoda is known as the fashion fair of the year with its displays of quality Colombian textiles and the best of Colombian talent.

As Medellín is the country’s hub for the manufacturing and export of textiles, an industry accounting for nearly a third of the total employment in the city, this is an important event for Colombia.

One of several exhibition halls
One of several exhibition halls (photo: David Lee)

Other important exhibitions are held here such as the Expocamacol which will take place this year (2014) from August 27 to 30, and is an international trade fair for construction architecture and design and recognized by various media and within the industry as a major event.

This exhibition center is also host to many other smaller trade events and is conveniently situated on the Metro Bus line 1 at the Plaza Mayor stop.

On the day that I visited, a farm fair was taking place with a showcase of farmyard equipment and modern gadgets to make farming easier. Entrance was 10,000 pesos ($5).

The exhibition center is the biggest of the buildings, with large glass windows around each side and a covered area of 12,000 square meters.

Inside is modern and light, with approximately 130,000 square feet made up of four exhibition halls represented by colors: yellow, blue, red and white, plus an open air plaza.

At Colombiamoda, runway shows occur in two rooms on the bottom floor of the box
At Colombiamoda, runway shows occur in two rooms on the bottom floor of the box (photo: David Lee)

Only recently built, the convention center was completed in 2006 and boasts the best spaces and the most modern infrastructure for holding large events. The convention center has the latest technology for multiple services with a 2,600 square meter area.

Designed as a large wooden box from the outside with tall wooden shards surrounding it, the wooden box is an icon and a space that adopts itself to product launches, parties and even banquets.

Inside are tiled floors and an extension of the wooden theme with brown paneled walls within its high ceiling.

The building has many alternate areas such a press room, a VIP room, and a business centre including nine meeting rooms.

On the ground floor is a coffee shop, and a tourist information desk sits near the entrance with an event board for future events and information.

The center boasts a space that is vital to the city’s process of evolution and this recognition has allowed the rest of the world to look to Medellín and the region as an alternative venue for important events.

Plaza Mayor
Outdoor space behind the main exhibition center (photo: David Lee)

With the capacity for more than 3,000 people, and cutting edge technology for conventions, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, fairs, and elaborate parties, the Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition Centre is on its way to positioning itself as the continent’s main business centre. and to being a city for the major events of America and the world.

The nearest metro station for the center is San Antonio.

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