DrinkAdvisor App: A Free Guide to Nightlife Around the World

Drinkadvisor app
Take your pick from one of the many bars listed
DrinkAdvisor app
Pick a cocktail – any cocktail

Being known as a bit of a party girl, one of the first things I look for as soon as I arrive in a new city is the nightlife, and my travels have taken me to a few cities which have totally surprised me.

We all know that Berlin and Amsterdam like to party but did you know that the coast of Albania has one of the best night scenes in the Balkans?

But unless you’ve been there before or know some local night owls, how do you know how to find the best bars and clubs?

If Irish bars or touristy backpacker bars just don’t do it for you anymore and you want to be in the scene, then the DrinkAdvisor app (available in ITunes and Google Play) will do all the work for you. Being someone who doesn’t usually use apps, this one I just had to download.

The fact that it is completely free and claims to be the quickest and easiest way to find the best bars and clubs completely sold it for me.

So how does it work?

Once you’ve signed in using any of your social media accounts (Facebook, Google+, Twitter), it is so easy to navigate your way around with the menu bar.

Each listing is rated so you just enter your chosen city and in one click you have access to all the information you need about each place.

DrinkAdvisor app
Take your pick from one of the many bars listed

There’s over 200 cities included and 28 options to find the best venue for you.

Some users may prefer an evening dancing to house and electronic music whilst others prefer the sophistication of a swanky cocktail lounge.

That’s what’s great about this app, it caters to everyone from those who prefer beer-drinking in pubs, to outdoor terraces, along with two dozen other options if you prefer something a bit less mainstream.

There’s an option for finding a bar with the opening hours for that evening too, so you don’t just rock up dressed in your little black dress ready for your big night to discover that it isn’t actually open on a Thursday evening.

As I’m heading to the USA next month, I decided to search for Atlanta, a place that I know absolutely nothing about and will be spending a weekend there.

With a 98% review, the Halo Lounge caught my eye. With red lights, a retro theme and the enticement of a DJ spinning groovy tunes and open to 3:00 a.m. this was instantly saved to my faves.

DrinkAdvisor app
Definitely for my fave list

Each listing shows the location and a description about the bar or club and with added photos, you can even see what it looks like inside before you make the decision to go.

If you’re like me and don’t use your roaming on your phone, you can save your selected venues as favorites and view them when you’re not in a WiFi zone – perfect for those moments when you need the address again and are wandering aimlessly around the streets, looking for your hidden gem.

If you stumble across somewhere you really love and want to recommend it, you can add your own listing too and review it for other potential party goers or connect it to Facebook to create your own event for you to invite your selected friends.

Being a vodka girl, the drinks section shows all types of alcohol from vodka to tequila and beer including some interesting facts so you can impress your friends with your new-found knowledge on best-selling cocktails and how to make them with the detailed recipes. Mine’s a cosmopolitan please.

DrinkAdvisor app
How to make a cosmopolitan

The best thing about this app is that it is really up-to-date, with new bars and clubs constantly being added so if you’re staying in a city for a while, there will never be a shortage of nightlife to find.

Can you really need anymore information about nightlife than this? DrinkAdvisor is the perfect app for those who love to party.

DrinkAdvisor is really easy to download for iPhones and iPads through ITunes and Google Play and it’s absolutely free!


This post was brought to you by DrinkAdvisor.

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