Parque Arví: Discovering the Flora, Fauna, and History of Santa Elena

Parque Arví is an eco-reserve located in Santa Elena. It’s easily accessible from Medellin via the metro and metrocable system.

Medellin Zoo: Exploring the Zoologico de Santa Fe

The Medellin Zoo, or Zoologico de Santa Fe, is a 63-year old zoo in the heart of Medellin, featuring hundreds of mammals, reptiles, and birds.

5 Weekend Activities in Medellin

Each year thousands of tourists from around the world travel to South America to experience the beauty, various cultures and natural environments. Peru is the most visited destination for its cultural and historical background, however countries like Colombia have recently become quite popular. Despite their past security problems, over the past 8 years Colombia has […]

3 Local Tips for Getting Off the Beaten Track

The following is a guest post by Josian and Michael at Medellín is one of the most popular cities for backpackers in Colombia. Full to the brim with things to do and see, it’s clean, sunny and has some of the warmest (and best-looking) people in the world. For some people, however, this just isn’t good […]

Biblioteca EPM & Parque de las Luces

Located next to Parque de las Luces, Biblioteca EPM, offers a quiet and peaceful place to relax, study and/or attend cultural events.

Parque Biblioteca Leon de Greiff

Parque Biblioteca Leon de Greiff is a library in Barrio Boston, a neighborhood in central Medellin.

Metrocable to Parque Arvi & Piedras Blancas

Medellin continues to look for ways to expand Colombia’s only metro system. By all accounts, the metrocable system which extends from the train line up into two different neighborhoods in the city has proven a success. In 2009, I rode on Line K, which extends from Acevedo to Santo Domingo where Biblioteca Espana was built, […]

The 17th Annual Orchid Show at Jardin Botanico

Every year in Medellin, an orchid show is held at Jardin Botanico as part of the annual La Feria de las Flores (Flower Festival).

Fatman & Robin

Take a stroll in the center of Medellin, and before too long you’ll come across a square full of fat people. No, this isn’t the Big Mac Fan Club Monthly MeetUp, this is Parque Berrio/Plaza Botero, and the calorically-challenged are the work, and indeed trademark of, “the most Colombian of Colombian artists” (his words, not […]

Botanical Gardens

For the picture of the week, here’s a quick shot of the lake in the Botanical Gardens.  There are a bunch of ducks and very pretty lily pads that I enjoyed quite a bit.  The gardens are very nice…and free.  If it was in the United States, I would say that it was more like […]