Parque Berrío

Parque Berrio
Parque Berrio (photo: David Lee)
Parque Berrio
Parque Berrio (photo: David Lee)

Some times, when I have a few minutes to spare, I just get off the metro at a random stop and explore what’s in the area.

One random Monday, I got off at the Parque Berrio station, and just had a look around.

The streets were completely filled with people.  It was definitely the craziest part of town I have seen yet.

There are stores and malls lining the streets, as well as clothing vendors in the road.  There are few places in the world with that many shoe stores in one place.

Local musicians in Parque Berrio
Local musicians in Parque Berrio (photo: David Lee)

This is also the area to find Plaza de Botero.  The statues are definitely worth going to see, if only to giggle at the little kids that don’t quite know what to make of it.  In fact, it’s pretty entertaining to watch everyone look at these statues.

I didn’t have a chance to go into the Museum that is located here, but I will sometime in the future.

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