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We Love Carlos Gardel

One of the nice things about having traveled through most South American countries, and getting to spend big chunks of time in each one is that you start noticing and recognizing similarities between them. In the 18 months since I left Europe I’ve spent the most time in Argentina and Colombia, two countries that culturally […]

Tayrona National Park

El Parque Natural Nacional de Tayrona on the Caribbean coast is one of the main attractions on the Colombian backpacker trail, and with good reason. Located about 30 minutes outside of Santa Marta, one of the main towns on the coast, it provides a rare opportunity to get away from it all and escape to […]

Fatman & Robin

Take a stroll in the center of Medellin, and before too long you’ll come across a square full of fat people. No, this isn’t the Big Mac Fan Club Monthly MeetUp, this is Parque Berrio/Plaza Botero, and the calorically-challenged are the work, and indeed trademark of, “the most Colombian of Colombian artists” (his words, not […]

6 Tips for Coping with Colombian Buses

One thing which can’t be avoided when traveling round Colombia is the Colombian bus. Before coming here I had done the majority of my bus travel in Argentina where the buses are truly the cream of the crop and the humble backpacker is spoiled for quality and choice. Colombia (like most of South America to […]

Blogging for Colombia

About 2 years ago I was working in Geneva, Switzerland as a database consultant. One morning, on my way to visit a client, I stared out of the train window and something hit me, something that told me that there had to be more to life than this. I wasn’t unhappy, I had friends, I […]