New Blog Feature – Neighborhood Reports


I am excited to share a new feature on Medellin Living which I developed over Semana Santa.

In an effort to provide useful, current, first hand information to foreigners contemplating or planning a move to Medellin, Colombia, I created a questionnaire to collect the experiences of those already here.  Now you can see what Scott from the USA thinks of living in affluent El Poblado for the last 5 months, or Amu from Germany has to say about living in grittier Centro (the city center).

If you currently live in Medellin, and are reading right now, please take a  few minutes to fill out the questionnaire.

In the future, I also plan to add some general information about the various neighborhoods as well.

Your feedback about this new feature, and the blog in general, is always appreciated.

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  1. Hi Dave
    I’m currently reading through your very informative posts and you’re doing a great job for people like me who will be moving to medellin in a few weeks. I currently live in Santiago de Chile and want to find work as an english teacher up there in june. I hope i find something!