My Final Friday Night In Colombia

The ladies of Medellin learn to salsa at Cien Fuegos
The ladies of Medellin learn to salsa at Cien Fuegos
The ladies of Medellin learn to salsa at Cien Fuegos
The ladies of Medellin learn to salsa at Cien Fuegos

I returned to Cien Fuegos on my final Friday night in Colombia for one last salsa lesson.  It being the night geared toward more advanced salsaleros, the combination taught was rather intricate.

I laughed when I saw the instructor show us the first time, however after he broke it down into pieces, and I practiced, I actually got the hang of it.

The caveat to retaining the move in my arsenal would be the ability to commit the steps to memory by practicing, immediately.

Casey arrived at Cien Fuegos as my lesson was wrapping up.  He’d connected with me via this blog, and was on vacation from his home and travel business in San Jose, Costa Rica.

He was a real character, and a lot of fun to hang out with.  I was happy to show him a few of my favorite places in the city, Cien Fuegos being one.

Unfortunately, the vibe wasn’t the same as the prior Friday night when I had a blast dancing with my fellow Couchsurfers.  The crowd was slightly smaller too, but the club was still full.  It was just the bar seating where we were that was lacking people.

It was raining out, so we got a bit wet waiting for a taxi, and then sped up to Poblado.  Before entering Le Pub de Octavia, we made a pit stop for some pizza at a place I use to frequent during my Casa Kiwi hostel days back in February.  And then into Octavia which was in full swing.

A huge group of foreigners were there, including Jossie and the Irish guy, and an American from Colorado named Shane who I’d also met.

I also ran into Henry, and Jamie from Canada.  Clearly, Octavia, like Octava, and most notably, Blue, had caught on with the foreign crowd (for better or worse).

Unfortunately, the DJ’s don’t vary the musical selection too much, so at least when it comes to the rock music being played, I’d heard it all before.  I’m less adept at identifying the reggaeton and salsa songs though.

More dancing, and talking, and by 1:30am or so, I was ready to call it a night.

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