Saturday, August 5, 2023
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Spanish Classes in Medellín at Centro Interactivo de Español

Ryan takes a closer look at the Centro Interactivo de Español, a great place to take Spanish classes in Medellín for all the foreigners in the city.

Best Place to Learn LA or Cuban Style Salsa in Medellin

A profile of the best place to learn LA or Cuban style salsa in Medellin, Colombia including video footage of the author and instructor.

My Final Friday Night In Colombia

I returned to Cien Fuegos on my final Friday night in Colombia for one last salsa lesson.  It being the night geared toward more...

Friday Night at Cien Fuegos

Last Friday night, I had made plans to go dancing with Sirley at Cien Fuegos.  It was long overdue, and we posted an invite...

Let the Salsa Lessons Begin

My original plan to become a superstar salsa dancer by not spending any money and simply hanging out at the clubs on the weekend...