Let’s Go Salsa Dancing

GAR Bar in Parque Lleras
GAR Bar in Parque Lleras

As my time in Medellin was drawing to a close, I wanted to make the most of the salsa dancing opportunities.

Earlier in the week, I’d gone out to El Eslabon Prendido for the last time, though I didn’t get to dance too much because it was way too crowded.

I love the music and atmosphere there, but they need to have a few less chairs and tables or somehow limit the number of people.  But I digress.

Astrid (Germany) is in her element
Astrid (Germany) is in her element

Thursday night, I went to Cien Fuegos for a group salsa lesson, and then headed to GAR Bar in Parque Lleras to meet up with Astrid, Andrea, Lina, Martin, Johana, and others.  We actually had a really big turnout.

Lina and I
Lina and I

I drank a bunch of delicious mojitos and caipirinhas, which were possibly my last in Colombia for a while.

I found out from Astrid that Cien Fuegos was hosting a party that night as a kickoff to Colombia’s Salsa Congress which was occurring over the weekend.

Live Cubano salsa band at GAR Bar
Live Cubano salsa band at GAR Bar


Update: As of 2013, GAR Bar no longer offers live salsa on Thursdays.

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  1. I was at Gar Bar yesterday night.

    Big deception:

    The music was way too loud to speak or to enjoy.

    Almost no place to dance and 2 cocktails for 30’000 pesos…

    Never again

    • Hi Lucas,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. As with most salsa bars/clubs in Medellin, there are more chairs and tables than spaces between them to dance. It’s part of the way they do things down there, so I did my best to get use to it.

      If you want a bigger dance floor, check out Cien Fuegos Thurs, Fri or Sat.