Meeting Ken At The Cinema

Rainbow Over Central Medellin
Rainbow Over Central Medellin

Henry from Poor But Happy (forum) invited me and Ken out to see The Watchmen last week.

I’d been meaning to both introduce myself to Ken, and see a movie in Colombia, so off I went to the theaters near the Suramericana metro stop.

Rain gave way to half a rainbow over central Medellin as I tried to find the box office in the shopping complex.

While I was waiting for them, I reviewed some phrases in my conversational Spanish book.

I saw Ken’s new photo blog, Colombian View, after he posted the link on Poor But Happy, however I was already aware of him from the 12-part series he wrote in 2008 about the current state of affairs in Colombia for Smithsonian Magazine.

Turns out, while he is only in Medellin for a month or two right now, his permanent residence is in Arlington, Virginia, near my old apartment.

He also mentioned his roommate in Medellin is an English teacher from Canada who has been teaching for a year now.  Ken offered to help us connect, which I really appreciated.

As for the movie, it cost $2.40 for a 6:15 pm showing.  The Watchmen was almost 3 hours long, strange, and too violent for my tastes these days.

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