Meet My Roomie

Maira and I
Maira and I on my last night in Medellin

I’ve now been living with Maira and Martin for about 2 months here in Envigado, and since I have yet to go out with Maira for a night on the town, I haven’t taken any photos of her.  So I am nicking one from Facebook for a long overdue introduction.

Besides being stunningly beautiful, she is super sweet, and I couldn’t have found someone with a better gym ethic.  Lately, I’ve even been going more than her, though I imagine that won’t last long.

A few years ago, she participated in an exchange program and lived with a family in the USA for a year.  During that time, she learned to speak English really well.

In an effort to further improve, she is planning to spend some time in England when the current college semester ends (in June).

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