Rum + Salsa + Friends @ Octavia = Fun

Clint entertains Mirian
Clint entertains Mirian

Paragliding and bus adventures under our belts, I invited Clint and Martin to join me, Alejandra, and her two friends for a night of dancing.

The destination was ladies choice, which worked out well as it was one of my favorites, Le Pub de Octavia.

We got there around 10 pm, just as it was starting to fill up.  The tables were taken, so we set up shop at the bar, ordering a bottle of rum, along with Sprite and Coke as mixers.

It was Mirian’s birthday, which gave us extra incentive to celebrate life.  Clint was on fire with the jokes, and it reminded me of how much fun Australians have been on my travels.

Alejandra and me
Alejandra and me

I was excited to practice my salsa, and Alejandra turned out to be a great partner.

The music was much more of a crossover than I remembered – salsa, reggaeton, 80’s rock, and as always, a little Rage Against the Machine to get everyone pumped up.

Even though I could’ve sworn the bar stayed open later, the house lights came on a little before 2 am, so we paid the tab and made our exit into the rain.

We stopped for a bite to eat on Calle 10, which in typical Colombian fashion, was utterly unhealthy.  It was a mixed plate of meat, chicken and french fries.

But it tasted great, as most foods do late at night after a few drinks.

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