Colombia’s Day Of Love And Friendship


I had only been in Colombia a few weeks when Valentine’s Day, 2009 arrived.

When I asked around about special events at the bars and clubs, I was informed that most Colombians don’t celebrate V-Day.

Instead, they recognize September 19th as a Day of Love and Friendship.

The rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day on 14 February, but Colombia has never been one to go with the flow. Rather, on the Day of Love and Friendship, citizens go a little loopy sending love letters, exchanging gifts, and indulging in a bout of ‘Amigo Secreto’ (known to the rest of the world as Secret Santa, whereby gifts are anonymously given to one’s designated person along with clues as to one’s identity).

— Colombia Reports

Read the rest of CR’s article on the Day of Love and Friendship, which includes perspectives from several Colombians, both young and old.

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  1. super true, we don´t have valentine´s day!!
    instead, this one day.
    But is really nice also, ´cause even friends can go out that night an party and do any special celebrations with their grou of friends, or with their gf or bf.

    Clubs on this day, go crazy, with ballons and cupids…and is really really a one day even you have to go.
    Is really nice also to see outside colleges, people sending flowers..and those details..

    I like it, is one reason for me to send cards or sweets to my friends (boys or girls), since everyone is “invited to assist” jejeje!!

    • I’m really curious about the specificities of this holiday but can’t seem to find out anything about it other than the fact that it is like Valentine’s Day. I want to know the complete history behind it.m Please help 🙂