Video – Daddy Yankee In Concert


As I was looking for a video to feature today, I realized I’d been posting mp3’s in the past, when I probably could’ve found videos instead, AND been preserving storage space on my web hosting account to boot!  So, I’ll be scouting out music videos and concert performances instead of uploading mp3’s going forward.

This video features concert footage from Daddy Yankee’s show in Medellin during the 2009 Flower Festival.  Finding out I missed seeing him (from amidst a stadium filled with screaming ladies, no doubt) is like the nail in my departure coffin.

I found a fan video from the show of his big hit of the year (and a song I’ll forever associate with my time in Colombia because I heard it everywhere) – Llamado de Emergencia.  The video quality isn’t that great, but the sound and singing fans comes through loud and clear.

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