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So, you’ve met someone cute at a bar, locked eyes at a language exchange, were approached by a confident Colombian on the street, or perhaps you’ve just put your time in on Tinder – however you got introduced, you’ve got a first date to plan. Luckily, Latinos know how to do love. Medellín is home to a number of romantic locations to break the ice and provide the perfect backdrop for a story you’ll (hopefully) be telling for years to come. Whether you want to star-gaze and cuddle or get close and sweaty in a salsa club, here are the best first-date spots in Medellín.


Salsa dance at Son Havana

Visit on: Friday or Saturday

Cover charge: $15,000 COP

Likelihood of conversation: Low

An option best suited to those who aren’t afraid of broaching personal space boundaries within a few hours of meeting, salsa dancing is one of the best first date activities in Medellín. Located in Laureles, just off La 70, Son Havana is a Cuban salsa joint that’s popular with both locals and foreigners. The club is covered in colorful artwork and there’s normally a live band leading the charge of loose hips and fancy footwork across the dancefloor.

Even if you’re not particularly confident in your salsa skills, Son Havana has great energy and you’ll soon find yourself being flung around in style. It’s also common in Colombia that people swap partners and dance with strangers in salsa clubs, so if your date isn’t going as you hoped, chances are you’ll meet another potential suitor.

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Cocktails on Envy rooftop

Visit on: Weekdays or evenings

Cover charge: Free (if there’s no event)

Likelihood of conversation: High

For a more traditional first date with an extra special feel, Envy is a chic bar on the rooftop of The Charlee hotel in Poblado. Not only does the bar have an aquarium-style swimming pool in the center, DJs playing chilled tracks, and a great cocktail menu, it also boasts sweeping views over Medellín. From the rooftop, guests can see out across the cityscape and up into the rolling green hills. If your date is new to the city and you want to ‘wow’ them, Envy is guaranteed to make a good impression.

The bar also has a delicious selection of sushi and snacks – we recommend settling into the sofas and sharing a few platters with drinks while getting to know each other. The night is busier than the daytime here, so arrive in the afternoon to secure a spot.

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Paraglide over Medellín

Visit on: Any day before 5 pm

Cover charge: Company-dependent (normally around $130,000 COP)

Likelihood of conversation: Medium

For people who would rather spend their first date out in nature than at a fine-dining restaurant, paragliding over Medellín is an unforgettable, adrenaline-inducing activity. The launchpad is set up in the hills of San Felix (about a 40-minute bus journey from Medellín) and the sweeping view of the valley is truly stunning. Participants can choose between a 15, 20 or 30-minute flight, all of which are accompanied by a certified instructor and should come with insurance. There’s also the option to record the whole journey with a GoPro camera if you want proof to show friends and family (of the paragliding and the date!).  

Although you won’t be able to share a parachute with your date, your flights will likely start at the same time, so you’ll be able to see each other floating through the clouds. Afterward, sit on the grassy slope together watching other people take off and swapping stories about the experience.  

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Horse ride in Envigado

Visit on: Any day (start in the morning)

Cover charge: Company-dependent (between $50,000 to $130,000 COP)

Likelihood of conversation: High

Another opportunity for an active date, this one is an extra Paisa option – getting on a horse and galloping through the countryside. The route starts in the hills of Envigado, and takes riders off-road through the beautiful mountains, past rivers, and among some of Medellín’s best nature. The trek can last between three and five hours and is suitable to all ability levels – so even if you or your date have never been on a horse, you can still enjoy the fresh air and breath-taking scenery. Most of the tours include stops for food (including Colombian treats like arepas, menú del día, and fruit) and even a shot of Aguardiente or two…

You and your date can chat away to each other atop your horses as you trot into the distance – how sweet is that?


Stargaze from Las Palmas mirador

Visit on: Any day at sunset

Cover charge: Free

Likelihood of conversation: High

One for the romantics out there – the Las Palmas mirador (lookout point) lies high up in the hills on the way to the international airport, just off the highway. While Medellín has no shortage of spots to admire the gorgeous scenery, Las Palmas is especially tranquil. The most popular time to visit the viewpoint is at dusk around 6 pm when the sunlight starts to fade and the city is illuminated with lights. There’s also a number of tiendas along the mirador, so you can buy a hot chocolate and cozy-up to your date whilst watching Medellín transform into night.

There’s no public transport that runs to the mirador, so to arrive, you’ll need to take a taxi.

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Catch a film at MAMM’s outdoor cinema

Visit on: Select dates

Cover charge: Free

Likelihood of conversation: Medium

The cinema is a safe choice for any first date, but MAMM’s outdoor movie-showings add a cool twist on a classic. Shown at the back of museum building, films are projected onto the concrete wall of MAMM while crowds of people watch snuggled on the floor. The films are usually shown at night, so the temperature is a little cooler and all the better to share some bodily warmth. Complete with popcorn vendors making the atmosphere smell like a vintage American drive-thru cinema, MAMM’s outdoor movies are awesome to enjoy a little culture in the evening. When the film finishes, head to Mercado del Rio for dinner or to Club 1984 for a trendy night out.

There’s no charge for the outdoor cinema, and the full schedule of showings are listed on MAMM’s website.  

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