A Quick Getaway to Filandia

A stone’s throw from Salento sits Filandia, a quaintly nestled pueblo with plenty to give to the tourism trade. Tim tells us about his quick getaway to this coffee town.

The Secret Valley of La Samaria

La Samaria is the well-kept secret wax-palm valley that Paisa weekenders flock to and for good reason.

Medellín vs Cartagena: a Comprehensive Comparison

Medellín vs Cartagena, which is the better city to live? Mountains vs beaches? Jeff compares these two cities in Colombia in a comprehensive comparison.

Bogotá vs Medellín: a Comprehensive Comparison

Bogotá vs Medellín, which is the better city to live in? Jeff compares the two largest cities in Colombia in a comprehensive comparison.

Medellín vs Pereira: Two Cities of Eternal Spring in Colombia

Medellín gets all the press but Colombia has two cities of eternal spring and smaller Pereira is a viable place to live. Jeff compares these cities in a Medellín vs Pereira comparison.

Top 10 Things to Do in Manizales

A list of the top 10 things to do in Manizales, including a visit to the top of the Cathedral, walk through Chipre, and ride up Nevada del Ruiz volcano.

900 KM of Colombia by Land: Manizales to Bucaramanga

Earlier this year, Ximena’s family traveled 900 km of Colombia by land, here’s why she enjoyed the ride and the advantages to road trips in the country.

Weekend at Filbo: The International Book Fair in Bogotá

Filbo is the International Book Fair that Bogotá hosts every year. Ximena attended and shares her experience.

Caribbean Beaches: Capurgana, Sapzurro and Aguacate

In the final part of this two-part series, I describe the different beaches at Aguacate, Sapzurro, and Capurgana, and the great family run Bahia Lodge.

Overland Journey to the Beaches of Choco

In the first of a two-part series, I describe the overland journey from Medellín to the beaches of Choco, near Colombia’s border with Panama.