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Road Cycling Routes Around Medellín

There are many road cycling routes around Medellin. Here are some of the roads traveled by guest blogger Alan.

A Quick Getaway to Filandia

A stone’s throw from Salento sits Filandia, a quaintly nestled pueblo with plenty to give to the tourism trade. Tim tells us about his quick getaway to this coffee town.

Donating a Roof in Comuna 13

For every tour sold in 2015, the Medellín City Services® Foundation has saved one dollar to go toward a social project in Comuna 13.

Sabaneta’s Golden Gastronomy

An invitation to explore the gastronomy Sabaneta has to offer, as we name four of Sabaneta’s delicious lunch restaurants.

The New Medellín Helicopter Taxi Service by Aviatur

The scoop on the Medellín Helicopter Taxi service by Aviatur that is now available to and from the International Airport in Rionegro.

Medellín Real Estate: Foreign Buyer’s Guide

Brad Hinkleman, Founder of Casacol SAS, shares with us his foreign buyer’s guide to Medellín real estate and investing.

Tuesday Mass at the Parish Church of Santa Ana

The Church of Santa Ana celebrates mass in devotion to María Auxiliadora every Tuesday for which many make the pilgrimage from beyond Sabaneta.

Fundación Camino al Sol and Ayahuasca Activities

Camino al Sol is an off-shoot of Comunidad Carare, a spiritual/peace/medicine community with various bases throughout Colombia.

Romera Ecological Park: A Relief for the Senses

A visit to Romera Ecological Park provides a break from loud city life and an opportunity for bird-watching and nature without venturing too far.

J&C Delicias: Gourmet Arepas with Everything

J&C Delicias specializes in gourmet arepas, which can be topped with just about anything. The restaurant has over a dozen locations in and around Medellín.