Medellin Living 2019 Reader Survey


It’s been three years since we last asked you what you want to know about Medellín and what you enjoy most (and least) about Medellin Living blog, and to say that the blog and the city had changed in those years would be an enormous understatement.

Your opinion and feedback are very important to us. We are looking forward to getting to know our Medellín Living readers better and to help us produce the best content for YOU.

We’d love it if you’d take 5 minutes to complete our 2019 readers survey and to share it with your contacts as well! We won’t share your answers and your personal information,  they will be strictly confidential.

Moshi Medellín

By completing this survey, you will have the opportunity be entered into our very special reader survey drawing for two prizes to be drawn for at the end, which will include all survey participants that provide their first name and email.

The prizes are:

1st place: A  $250.000 COP Don Diablo gift certificate. 

2nd place: A $150.000 Moshi gift certificate.

Don Diablo Medellín
Don Diablo Medellín

Don Diablo and Moshi are some of the best restaurants in the city.

Make sure to provide your first name and email address at the end of the survey for the opportunity to win the Don Diablo or Moshi gift certificate.

Click here to access the Medellin Living 2019 Reader Survey.


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  1. Medellin is the cleanest greenest safest city in Latin America . I loved the book Medellin living by Mr Lee and used it extensible during our trip to Medllin in June of 2019 . We would not have come to Medellin if I had not read this book before . Medellin Life is an excellent resource for travelers to Medellin . Not a single day went by w/out consulting this book . Once we returned home to south florida , we found the Medelin Living newsletter to be interesting and motivational to our next trip . We really appreciate the community service being done by Me Lee and his team at Medellin Living . If like me , you are uncertain about Colombia or Medellin , I say come in from the dark and read up on the subject . Discovering Medellin is like finding a New Emerald City in the magic city shining there so beautifully in the balcón of the Américas . Thank You David Lee , thank you Medellin , and Muchas Gracias a todos los Paisas . De parte de uno que les aprecia mucho . Mark in Coral Springs