Nine Cheap International Flights out of Medellin


Thanks to the growing popularity of budget airlines in recent years, flying internationally isn’t as expensive as it once was. There are tons of cheap flights out there if you know where to look and are willing to put in the time. But just in case you don’t know how to find them on the ol’ internet machine or are too swamped at work to search, I’ve put together this list of cheap international flights that fly out of Medellin. You know, because you can only visit Cartagena so many times.

(NOTE: Prices listed are for round trip flights and do not include baggage fees. Also keep in mind that airfare is constantly fluctuating.)


Airline: Copa Airlines

Sample dates: March 30-April 6

It seems like people either love or hate the idea of traveling to this Spring Break mecca. If you fall in the former category, you’ll be happy to know that a flight to Cancun via Copa won’t cost you a ton of dinero. Spring Break season runs from February to mid-April, so plan accordingly.


Airline: Copa

Sample dates: April 1-8

You already know about the current political climate in Venezuela. Things have gotten so bad that the U.S. Department of State has labeled Venezuela as a Level 4 travel destination, which means “Do not travel” there. But if you for some reason have a valid reason to visit Caracas, Copa will get you there for less. This goes without saying, but be careful over there.

Lima attracts visitors with one of the most well-preserved historic centers in Latin America
Lima attracts visitors with one of the most well-preserved historic centers in Latin America

LIMA, PERU ($204)

Airline: Viva Air

Sample dates: April 5-April 12

Medellin has several Peruvian restaurants, but most don’t compare to the real thing. Head to Lima and see for yourself via Viva Air. I recommend trying the aji de gallina, lomo saltado and the surprisingly-kinda-good alpaca meat while you’re there. One other tip: Try to schedule the trip for between December and May to avoid Lima’s foggy and cooler winter months.


Airline: Viva Air

Sample dates: May 13-20

You know who really loves Miami? Colombians. It feels like most have either been there or really want to go there. Of course, they’re not the only fans of Miami. The beaches and clubs draw people from all over the world, which is why Miami is considered an international city. For cheap flights to Miami, try Viva Air. But if you’re willing to fly into Fort Lauderdale, you might find Spirit Airlines flights just as cheap, if not cheaper.

The beautiful Miami Beach Architectural District
The beautiful Miami Beach Architectural District


Airline: Spirit

Sample dates: March 12-19

There’s nothing like New Orleans. The Cajun and Creole influences make the city one of a kind. Where else on Earth will you find Voodoo tours, swamp boat rides, world-famous nightlife and some of the best cuisine in the world? If you’ve never been, it’s time to book your ticket through Spirit and change that. Can you tell I like New Orleans?

The historic Jackson Square in New Orleans
The historic Jackson Square in New Orleans


Airline: LATAM Airlines

Sample dates: April 7-14

Colombia isn’t exactly lacking in beach options. You can head to Cartagena, Santa Marta and San Andres faster and cheaper than you could Aruba. So then why visit this Caribbean island? Because Aruba’s Eagle Beach is considered one of the best beaches in the world and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get there.


Airline: Spirit

Sample dates: April 22-29

Disney World is the happiest place in the world but can be a nightmare for your wallet. A four-park Magic Value ticket alone is $340, and that doesn’t include the over-priced food and souvenirs. Good thing for Spirit, which will fly you to Orlando for $208 — or the price of about nine personalized Mickey Mouse ear hats.


Airline: Wingo

Sample dates: March 30-April 8

I have something to confess: I’ve never flown Wingo. I just know it’s part of Copa. While I’m being honest, I should also admit I didn’t think Panama City was a very interesting tourist destination. But if you’ve always wanted to go or just want to add another stamp to your passport, hey, do it.

The Panama Canal: one of the busiest man-made waterways in the world
The Panama Canal: one of the busiest man-made waterways in the world


Airline: Spirit

Sample dates: April 1-8

The majority of Puerto Rico’s businesses have reopened since Hurricane Maria, so no need to put off that trip to San Juan any longer. And, as has been stated many times, the country can use the economic boost as it recovers from the tourism hit it took in the months following Maria. You’ll get to enjoy Old San Juan’s colorful buildings and dine on Mofongo while also helping out the island. Win-win.

Ready to take a break from Medellin and check out some other Latin American destinations? Book your flight now!

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  1. Many of us live in Panama so glad you listed Copa and Wings. By the time you pay the extras o Wingo, easier to fly Copa. However, I have met back+Packers and then Wingo is great!

  2. You dont give Panama its due. There’s soooo much there to fall in love with PLUS… You will go thru there on your way to many of these destinations so….give it a chance! 😉

  3. Since Medellin is the nearest major city to the US in South America we should also consider it the hub for exploring all the great cities of South America. Lima was mentioned. Rio, Buenos Aires, Quito, Santiago, and Patagonia incl Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego should be mentioned. Montevideo, Asuncion, Sucre, La Paz. And of course Medellin and the surrounds and all of Colombia have the best of the features of all of the above! IMHO. Start in Medellin and you might not want to fly away to any of the cities in the article or to any of those in my suggestions.