Visiting Universidad EAFIT

EAFITs Library
EAFIT’s Library

Monday turned out to be another day of progress toward my goal of living and working in Medellin.

It started with a good night’s sleep in the room I´m renting.

I had a copy of the apartment keys made at a local store, and joined Maira on the local bus to Universidad EAFIT.

Typically I avoid buses whether at home or traveling, but my money is waning and the distance is so short it makes little sense to be hailing cabs. The cost is approximately $0.50 each way.

At the university, I spent a few hours in the morning, and again later in the afternoon, working on the internet. In between, I met up with Martin at lunch.

He happened to be with his friend Rodrigo, to whom I had submitted my resume and cover letter for a teaching job the prior week.

As we stood there talking, Rodrigo actually received a call on his cell phone notifying him of an interview which was set up for me on Thursday afternoon at Politecnico Andino Iberoamericano in central Medellin!

Rodrigo suggested we meet up Wednesday at EAFIT to develop a teaching methodology/program for me to present and use at the school (if I am offered and accept) the job.

Plus, he is going to join me for the interview, as it sounds like an interpreter will be needed.

As my energy waned in the chilly computer room, I decided to call it a day and boarded a bus back to the apartment. I managed to get off within a block, which I considered a small success.

I walked around the neighborhood trying to find the closest grocery store, but ended up getting some food items at a convenience store instead.

I also picked up a pair of khaki Ralph Lauren Polo pants ($24) for my job interview at one of the three small outlet stores next to the apartment building.

Together with a cheap blue polo shirt I bought at Exito previously, I should look presentable. I think it´d be worthwhile to invest in a cheap pair of shoes too. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

In the evening, I caught up with the American news on CNN and worked on my conversational Spanish with Martin.

I find watching movies in Spanish which I have already seen a dozen times in English, such as Along Came Polly and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, is a fun way to learn.

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  1. I’m sure you’ll love Medellin life…. EAFIT is a pretty cool place to be working – a dangerous amount of pretty girls there though…. be sure to check out Ron de Vinola restaurant – best steaks in town…. enjoy…

  2. Hey. I’m finding my way through the Medellin job hunt right now. Just curious, has anyone recently taught at any of the major universities in Medellin? What are the hours like? Like pay? Thanks.