The Decision to Pursue a Colombian Business Visa

After five years, I finally decided to move forward with an application for a Colombian business visa. This is the first post in a new series.

How to Get a Work Visa in Colombia

This is a guest post by Anthony Goeritz, updating instructions originally posted here in 2011. On 25th May 2013 I came back from Panama with a brand new Colombian visa glued in my passport. It wasn’t an easy process, especially given that most of the information you find online is either incorrect or incomplete and that […]

How to Get a Business Visa in Colombia

Owning a business serves as a path to residency, and before that, a visa. Specifically, that’s a business visa in Colombia. A friend and I were talking about it after I wrote last month about my experience getting a work visa. On this website, we’ve already told you about work visas (twice), tourist visas, resident […]

Obtaining my Colombian Work Visa in Ecuador

Writer’s Note: This is part two of a two-part series. Read part one here. Wednesday, Dec. 19, the streets of La Candelaria, Bogotá My sister was about to head back to Los Angeles on Dec. 10 and because I was going to be accompanying her to the airport, I thought: “Maybe I should start my […]

Medellín Means Serendipity

Writer’s note: This is Part 1 of a two-part story. Friday, Oct. 19, 2012, Urban Buddha Hostel, Medellín Four days off in a row, starting now, something almost anyone loves, but there’s no fun in it if there’s nothing to do so I grabbed my laptop as I lay in bed and started looking. No, […]

How to Get a Work Visa in Colombia

Editor’s Note: For more up-to-date information on obtaining a work visa, please visit this post published June 2013. Falling in love with Colombia and its people is easy, staying here is a little more difficult. Unless you want to visit the DAS office every month, the best way to stay in Colombia is to study, […]

How to Apply for Resident Visa in Colombia Based on Civil Partnership

This is a guest post by James Byder. The information is current as of September 2012. To get a resident visa in Colombia based on being in a relationship with a Colombian national, you need to present various forms and documents at the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Bogota. They will then usually grant you […]

How To Get A Colombian Student Visa

Thank you to Angela Atkins for submitting the detailed step-by-step process below.  The information is accurate at the time of publishing, and subject to change.  Be sure to verify the steps as you go. If you arrive in Colombia as a tourist, and decide to stay longer, you can take Spanish classes and extend your […]

Venezuela For a Visa (Part III: The End)

So, after finding all of the correct offices, getting my stamp out of Colombia and into Venezuela, and having a super relaxing lunch, it was time to finish the process. The stamp out of Venezuela was easy, but interesting.  To receive a stamp out of Venezuela you must pay 55,000 VBF. I went to the […]

Venezuela For a Visa (Part II)

After a crazy long bus ride to the border town of Cucuta, and a nice traditional breakfast, of course the next thing my friend JD and I had to do was get on a bus. JD asked around about what bus we should take to get my visa stamped, and it all seemed easy enough.  […]